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1. The new Hero Tamarinne has arrived!

The beautiful singer with a melodic voice.
 Meet our newest 5★ Hero, Tamarinne!

■ Tamarinne

[Skill Introduction]

2. New Artifacts – Idol’s Cheer and Santa Muerte

Idol’s Cheer is a 5★ Soul Weaver exclusive Artifact that increases the Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest attack after the wearer has been attacked.
Santa Muerte is a 4★ Thief Exclusive Artifact that can decrease the combat readiness of an Earth elemental Hero when the wearer attacks.

■ Idol’s Cheer

■ Santa Muerte

The 4★ Artifact “Santa Muerte” can be obtained by completing the challenge Dagger Sicar’s Challenge.

3. Tamarinne & Idol’s Cheer Drop Rate Up!

Tamarinne is a Soul Weaver who can not only heal and buff your team, but also increase the Combat Readiness of all her allies!

Idol’s Cheer is an Artifact that increases the Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest Attack after its wearer has been attacked, giving you even more opportunities to attack the enemy!

Make your dreams come true through the power of song with the new Hero Tamarinne and new Artifact Idol’s Cheer in this Drop Rate Up event!

■ Schedule

2/6 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 2/20 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

※ After the Drop Rate Up ends, both the 5★ Hero Tamarinne and the 5★ Artifact Idol’s Cheer will be added to Covenant Summons and applicable Summon Tickets.

4. The Side Story ‘Shining Star’ is now open!

Tamarinne found herself in the middle of a forest, her memory lost due to an accident. Will she be able to learn about her past in Reingar?

This is the story of the songstress who can make your hopes and wishes come true through the power of her beautiful song, Tamarinne!

■ Availability

2/6 (Wed) after the update ~ 2/20 (Wed) before the update (UTC)

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

■ How to Play

Play through the Side Story stages to collect the event currency “Special Branches” and exchange them for great rewards!

Additional rewards can be collected from Region Rewards, Quests, and Reputation. 

[Event Currency]

1) Tamarinne and the following Heroes receive benefits when used in Shining Star: 

2) Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a Side Story.

3) In the Side Story region, players can acquire 2★ Monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.

4) Players can select higher difficulties at stages [4. Crystal Sparrow Annex] and [10. Main Stage Airship]. As the difficulty increases, while the Energy cost to enter, enemies’ levels, and recommended CP will all increase, the amount of event currency that is dropped in the stage will also increase considerably.

■ Locked Quests

In order to proceed to stage [6. Aux. Stage Airship], players will need to complete the Preceding Quest as well as the Locked Quest that follows it.  

■ Stage Difficulties

Stages [4. Crystal Sparrow Annex] and [10. Main Stage Airship] allow players to select a difficulty level. Players may only select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it. 

■ Rewards






Special Branches

Mercenary’s Medicine



Cold Look



Archer’s Vision



MolaGora Seed






Epic Flame Rune



3 Greater Flame Runes



10 Flame Runes



5 Covenant Bookmarks



Fire Spirit Penguin



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



2,500 Gold






I don't think I can help... Can I...?

Leif x1

Can I help you...?

Leif x1

Do you need my help?

Leif x1

Here, let me help you.

Leif x1

Tada! Here's Tamarinne!

Leif x1

This branch is pretty...isn't it?

Gold x30,000

I'll create...a nice wreath.

Gold x50,000

I need a stage costume.

Rare Catalyst Chest x1

I'll make a new stage costume.

Skystone x15

I think we have enough tickets for the next concert!

Skystone x20

S-scary...! Get away!

Silver Transmit Stone x1

I'm not running away anymore.

Silver Transmit Stone x1

I'll protect you all!

Silver Transmit Stone x1

Shining Star!

Skystone x50

Solo Concert!

Covenant Bookmarks x10

All Achievements Complete Reward

Silver Transmit Stone x3

5. Limited-Time Challenge: Dagger Sicar’s Challenge

Dagger Sicar, the silent killer organization of Taranor, have issued a challenge to all Heirs!

Take on the challenge to obtain the new 4★ Artifact Santa Muerte!

■ Event Availability

2/6 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 2/27 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

■ How to Enter

After clearing stage [6-1. Northern Wind Corner], go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].

■ How to Play

Dagger Sicar’s Challenge is available in Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties. Higher difficulties will become available upon clearing the preceding difficulty.

Players have a chance of receiving the 4★ Artifact Santa Muerte each time they beat the Challenge.

■ Rewards

EXP, Stigma, and Gold will be rewarded upon beating the Challenge, and Charms, Equipment, and the 4★ Artifact Santa Muerte also have a chance to drop.

[Possible Rewards]


Possible Rewards

Dagger Sicar’s Challenge

4★ Artifact Santa Muerte, Normal ~ Good Resist/Destruction, Lifesteal, and Counter Equipment (Weapon, Helm, Chestpiece, Boots), Lesser Charms, Gold, Stigma

[4★ Santa Muerte Drop Rates]


Drop Rate







■ Event Artifact 4★ Santa Muerte Description

- Santa Muerte is a limited-time Artifact that can only be obtained during the Challenge Event and will not return any Powder of Knowledge when sold.

■ Reputation




You're persistent, I'll give you that.

Clear 10 Times on Any Difficulty

4★ Santa Muerte

Not bad, but we're just getting started.

Clear Normal Difficulty

Gold x30,000

I knew there was something special about you.

Clear Hard Difficulty

Silver Transmit Stones x3

Never thought you would be on this level...

Clear Hell Difficulty

Gold Transmit Stone x1

6. Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

■ Heroes

- In Auto Battle, Mascot Hazel’s skill “A Girl in Uniform” now target the Ally with the highest Attack.

- Carmainerose’s English voice lines are no longer cut off when the skill “Daze” activates.

- Angelica’s English voice lines are no longer cut off when the skill “Guide of the Goddess” activates.

■ Chatting

- Players now must be account Rank 7 to participate in chatting.

- Summon alerts are no longer broadcast to every channel. Now, only the summon alerts of users in the same chatroom as you will display.

- There was an issue where one line chats were not displayed when the Guild Chat window was not fully open. This issue has now been resolved.

- The banned words list for chatting in English has been altered. 

■ Guild

- When joining a Guild, the “Last Login” information no longer exceeds its boundaries.

- “Colossal Monster Battle” has been removed from the Guild War screen.

- In Guild Wars, the Battle Log no longer prematurely displayed battles in progress as defeats.

- The text and UI of Guild War information that displays in the Lobby has been improved for English and Chinese languages.

- When playing in Chinese, when attacking an enemy base in Guild War, the “Round” information on the team management screen now displays in Chinese.

- A notification has been added to the “Team Formation” button when a Guild War is waiting to begin as Defense Teams are being set.

- During Guild War, when attacking a building that is empty, a warning popup will now appear.

- The “keep” text that appears when there are no changes to the War Ranking has been removed.

- An issue has been fixed in which, when the app has not been restarted after the end of a Guild War, the Heroes that were killed in the previous season are unable to be placed on the Defense Team in the new season.

■ Hunt

- The Gold that is obtainable in Hunt has increased by approximately 15%.

- The drop rate of Rare grade Equipment and Accessories has decreased significantly, and the drop rate of Heroic grade Equipment and Accessories has increased significantly.

- The sound effects of Bosses’ skills in Hunt Stages 11 now play.

■ Side Story

- The rewards from Treasure Chests in Normal/Hard/Hell difficulties have been improved.

  ✓ Equipment levels 15~29 → 30~43

  ✓ Gold amounts have been doubled

- When attempting to enter a difficulty that has not yet been unlocked, the warning message that appears now displays properly.

■ Reputation

- In Three Sisters’ Diary, the number of runs needed to complete the Daily quest “Compete Hunt” has been reduced from 3 to 1.

■ Summon

- 5★ Hero Violet and 5★ Artifact Violet Talisman have been added to the Covenant Summon.

- 5★ Hero Violet and 5★ Artifact Violet Talisman are also now available from application Summon Tickets.

■ Store

- The Powder of Knowledge inventory change that was advertised in the 1/9 update patch notes has been delayed. Because the inventory change was not sufficiently advertised in-game, we believed that it would be best to delay the inventory change until after a “Remaining Time” counter has been added to the game, that way more Heirs will be able to take full advantage of this part of the shop and prepare for the next inventory change.

- In the Normal Shop, the amount of Energy given when purchasing Energy with 1 Leif no longer incorrectly displays as 70 in English and Chinese. 

■ Preview

- Next week, a special new Side Story will begin: So the Roses May Bloom!

After the death of Queen Diene, a mysterious group is plotting something in the chaos of Tirel Castle. Fight against the group and find true love!

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