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[Dev Notes] 2/1 - Hunt Changes

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.02.01 13:58 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 57228

Hello, this is Super Creative.

In response to feedback regarding recent updates, we’re here to provide more accurate and complete information about the changes we’ve implemented.

Our goal was to increase the amount of Energy needed to enter Hunt by 25% to 50% according to the level of Hunt Stage while increasing the reward by 100% so that players can get better rewards in a shorter period of time.

1. Improving the efficiency of Hunts and rewards

Before the change, Hunts took way too long and thus were becoming boring to our players. We thought the biggest issue was that it takes three to five times more time to get rewards when compared to similar games. To address this, we tried to reduce the time it takes to complete Hunts while improving the level of rewards given. However, that meant an increase to the amount of Energy required, as rewards are determined by the amount of Energy spent.

2. Improving all rewards

    A.  Below is the table of the average amount of Craft Materials dropped from the 1st Wave.

    B. Equipment drop rates for the 2nd Wave have been improved as follows:

        i. Increased chance of Epic Equipment dropped by 100%

        ii. Added chance of Accessories being dropped (Following the same rule as Equipment in terms of item grade)

    C. As for Gold, since Hunt stages are not primarily for farming Gold and we were concerned about possible inflation, we didn’t make any drastic changes.
However, players may feel that drops are too low compared to the Energy spent, so we plan to increase the amount dropped soon.

2nd Wave Material Drop Rates Improvements

We determined that dropping just one Craft Material (or three for lower grade materials) from the 2nd Wave of a Hunt was an area of concern for our players. Therefore, we replaced that with the following new drop table. (Only affects material drop rates, not Equipment drop rates)

  • Energy (Return up to 60% of the Energy spent)
  • 1 Powder of Knowledge
  • Mystic Medals (4–7 depending on the level of Hunt Stage)
  • Skystone (2–4 depending on the level of Hunt Stage)
  • Covenant Bookmarks (1–2 depending on the level of Hunt Stage)

We made this change with material drops in order to guarantee our players receive rewards worth at least 60% of the amount of Energy spent on Hunts. However, we plan to review Hunts further to see if we should remove some of the rewards such as the Powder of Knowledge from this list.


We mentioned that we will be removing Heroic Grade drops in Hunt Stage 11 in our last Developer’s Notes. However, what we meant to say was that we would be removing Lv 55 equipment (T4) from Stage 11. We sincerely apologize for the error and promise that we will be clearer in future updates. Moreover, we agree that the Rare Grade drops were underwhelming. We will therefore decrease the drop rate for Rare Grade items and increase the drop rate for Heroic Grade items.

We believed that these changes greatly increased rewards from Hunt and saved a lot of time for our players; however, we feel that we weren’t clear enough with the details of these changes. For that, we apologize and hope to communicate with our players to provide the best gaming experience for all Heirs.

Upcoming planned changes:

1. Increase the amount of Gold when dropped to reflect the increase in Energy required (up to 15%).

2. Significantly decrease the Rare Grade item drop rate and significantly increase the Heroic Grade item drop rate.

3. Reduce the Reputation daily mission requirement for Hunt from three times cleared to one time cleared.

We welcome our players’ continued feedback and suggestions for Hunt.

Again, we would like to apologize for our miscommunication and any concerns that arose from our latest patch.

We want to continue to communicate and improve Epic Seven to provide the best gaming experience to all our Heirs.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Super Creative

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