Significantly Lessen Energy use for Hunts
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Significantly Lessen Energy use for Hunts [1]

SmileGate ofc knows that the end game is not really the raid or arena, they realize it's actually Hunts.

the new raid is just icing since it's the place you test the good things you got from Hunt

these changes in hunt is kinda bad actually

if you still haven't realize by now

it's something similar to what i said in the spirit altar

the more items are in the pool, the less chance you get what you want


and now, how often do you get 85 equips?

and even.. 85 equips with good stats?

if this is the case, you're actually compelled to use more energy on top of the added energy consumption

without realizing you are actually put further away from your goal

the change only forces you to consume more skystones.. in turn forcing you to buy packs/skystones from the shop and even then, your chances are way better pre-update

players were put into the illusion that the update for Hunt is actually good hahaha

this model is actually close to pay-to-play, but is even worse since you don't only pay once. you need to pay so much more, or your forced to play only a few games and then move on to a different game/gacha.

i love this game, the art story and etc. unfortunately if i can play less now compared to before, since i'm consuming way too higher energy, i'm almost finishing all my energy much faster than before

it makes me put the phone down much faster as well, eventually i'd probably quit.

this update actually just widened the gap between massive whalers and f2puppers

this is also very much evident in the guild wars hahaha

i think SmileGate or the businessman behind this game forgot, the majority of the population of this game (or other games for that matter) are f2puppers. f2puppers do spend, but this type of model will not work for that.

this is by no means a threat, but given this trend you can easily see how it will affect the lifespan of this game

take note, the players are not stupid. given this current update, and may be if you just keep adding new hero banners and the almost repetitive side story just with different stories. give or take this game might only last around a month or so.

the only solution ofc is obvious, improve the most enjoyable part of the game, arguably Hunts. and make players want to play it more, one of which is significantly lowering the energy consumption. e.g. Wyvern 9, from 18 to 8

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I agree with you man👊

But maybe they just won't to kill the game👎

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