The new hunt system is terrible. Fix it!
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General Discussion

The new hunt system is terrible. Fix it! [8]

Gold earning is now less per energy spent. The drops are so diluted it's hard to get gears, you totally screw this over greedy devs

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"Players are complaining about hunts drops and energy refill what should we do to make the GAME better to the players?"


Just good decisions in this company

Next update I'm hoping for a tax per month in skystones and gold, then everything will make sense

I'm at a point where I can't do Hell raid but can easily clear normal raid.  The gear hunt drops are critical for my progression as I need more 85s to do Hell.

Also I just need more good gear for my new characters.  Right now I have a bunch of characters i'd like to try but don't have enough good gear to make them viable.

This is a nerf to progression when it was advertised as a fix.  Please address this!

My only complaint really is the reduction in energy given on energy drops. The way it seems the new hunt is set up is that you get the craft mats on the first stage and then a random drop of energy, item, bookmark etc. on the second stage. I do stage 8 and im getting 9 mats on first stage where as I was only receiving a max of second between the two stages. Plus with the energy drop giving 11 energy I was only spending 5 energy for 9 mats instead of 12 for 6. Plus lets be honest, the majority of the item drops were just fodder for our sets from labyrinth or shop items. I would just save your mats because they already talked about how they were going to take a look at the crafting system as well. So maybe they will add accessory crafting in the next patch plus it looks like luna was datamined as either the next or right after next banner. Lets just calm down and see what happens next patch.

hunt 11 isnt even difficult it's just you are gated if you don't have mono teams. It's insanely lazy design. 

Yup, they done ****** it up.

It costs more and you get less, brilliant.

Stamina drops, I don't see the point of dropping less stamina than your initial cost for the run, it's a clear dilution of the rewards. And 4 skystones reward is like haha haha, **** you player.

Either buff them SIGNIFICANTLY or drop them completely.


Just red this in the emergency maintenance post.

- Hunt: An excessive amount of Energy is being given as rewards

Smh SG.... Really?????

So I enjoy the higher challenege of the level 11 hunts but you guys really messed up the drops. For the additional 8 sta we should be getting at least 10k more gold than we are getting currently but that’s not the worse part...

5 skystones??? 1 covenant bookmark?????  Seriously those are terrible drops and make getting gear (what we really want) much harder. 

Considering the difficulty of the 11s and the promise that this would be a better system you guys have to change this new system. 

Old system was way better. Seriously the new drops (skystones, bookmarks ect) are a joke. Please fix!

They even nerf the energy refund ffs, does it hurt so much to give a few more energy drop to players, it's frustrating enough to not get a drop already

I keep getting 4 skystone, like why did they added that in the pool

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The new hunt system is terrible. Fix it! [8]

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