[global] lvl 15 Infinity recruiting active players
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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

[global] lvl 15 Infinity recruiting active players [8]

Hi there, 

We are an english speaking guild with members from all over the world and are looking for active and strong members with 150k+ cp.

We have members from bronze to challenger (5 challenger players) and want to be more competitive in future. 

Guild buff is up 24/7 and chests available once a week.

There is currently space for 4 new players.

Please feel free to send us a request.

Let's be one of the top guilds in our server!

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Hey there, do you guys still got spots?

Me and two other friends are looking for a good guild to call home. We always play all kinds of games together, so I'm afraid it'd have to be an "all or nothing" package, with all 3 of us in it. Originally we made our own guild just for us, but now with Guild Wars, we'd be missing out on not joining a bigger guild to participate.

Additionally, I'm afraid all of us are fairly new to the game, and I doubt any of us have met the 150k+ CP req. That being said, we're all very active and have all been making steady progress in the game.

Please let me know if you are interested in us and would like more detailes about us!

Names are 

- Kyn0 (myself)

- Jawhem

- Tarcha

got it thank you.

Sure its okay cya then

We will apply in 24 hours since we just left a small local guild of our own.. if that's okay.  

BigDollar - notable ml ken, Etelia - notable yufine,  kennygg - newbie

Tell me your nicknames, so that we accept the right ones

Three spaces left. Your new friend shouldn't be a problem for the majority i guess.. go on and apply :) 

umm  so we have a total of 3.  2 of which are 150cp or higher.  not trying to brag but i have a very strong ken. my friend has a very strong yufine.  thing is doe.. our friend is new. it's all of us or nothin lol

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