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  • 2019.01.16 10:18 (UTC+0)
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1. The new Hero Zeno has arrived!

An emperor from another galaxy who was defeated in a tournament held by Notos!
 Meet Zeno, the otherworldly visitor who is heading towards Orbis in search of the Monolith!

■ Zeno

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

2. Roozid Specialty Change! Righteous Thief Roozid

The 3★ Hero Roozid can now undergo Specialty Change!

After completing the Specialty Change, Roozid will be reborn with a new sprite, new skills, and new animations!

Additional stat changes and skill enhancements can be made via the Skill Tree as well.

[Righteous Thief Roozid]

[Specialty Change – New Skill Info]

Moonlight Roar (Cooldown: 4)

Increases Combat Readiness of all allies by 20% and grants the caster continuous heal for 2 turns through the power of the moon. 

[Awakened] Increases Combat Readiness by 20% and grants increased Speed for 2 turns to all allies through the power of the moon. Also grants the caster continuous heal for 2 turns.

Soul Burn: Grants an extra turn.

■ Specialty Change Quest Start Requirements

Enhance Roozid to level 50

■ How to Specialty Change

From the Lobby, go to the Hero menu > Specialty Change.

Once all 3 Specialty Change Quests have been cleared and the Trial Battle has been successfully completed, the Specialty Change will be complete. 

After completing a Specialty Change, the Hero’s appearance and skills will change, and the Hero cannot be reverted to their previous state.

■ Skill Tree

After a Specialty Change, the Skill Tree can be accessed via the Awakening menu.

Spend Elemental Runes to enhance the Runes in the Skill Tree and make your Hero stronger!

[Rune Enhance Results]

- Increases Health by 10%.

- Increases Health by 10%.

- If the attack hits, the caster’s Combat Readiness increases by 5%.

- Increases damage dealt by this skill by 5%.

- Increases Speed by 3.

- Increases Speed by 5.

- When Moonlight Roar is used, if the target's Combat Readiness is below 50%, it will increase the Combat Readiness of the target (by max 5%).

- Increases Wind Slash's decrease Attack effect chance (by max 25%).

- Wind Slash has a 75% chance to decrease the target's Combat Readiness (by max 15%).

- After the attack, the caster has a chance (max 10%) to increase Evasion Chance for two turns.

■ Simultaneous Specialty Changes

Specialty Change Quests can take place for no more than 2 Heroes at once.

If 2 Heroes’ Specialty Change Quests are already in progress, one of the Heroes must complete their Specialty Change before a new Hero can start the Specialty Change Quest. 

3. Challenge: Arrogant Zeno

The planet embezzler Zeno arrives to test the Heir!

Challenge Zeno for a chance to add him to your team!

■ Event Availability

1/16 (Wed) after maintenance ~ 2/6 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

■ How to Enter

After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].

■ How to Play

Arrogant Zeno is available in Normal, Hard, Hell, and Epic Hell difficulties. Difficulties that have been cleared previously will not need to be cleared again to enter higher difficulties. 

Players have a chance of receiving the 5★ Hero Zeno each time they beat the challenge.

■ Rewards

EXP, Stigma, and Gold will be rewarded upon beating the Challenge, and Charms, Equipment, and the 5★ Hero Zeno also have a chance to drop.

[Possible Rewards]


Possible Rewards

Arrogant Zeno

5★ Hero Zeno, Normal ~ Good Attack/Defense/Health Equipment (Weapon, Helm, Chestpiece, Boots), Lesser Charms, Gold, Stigma

[5★ Zeno Drop Rates]


Drop Rate







Epic Hell


[Event Hero 5★ Zeno Description]

- Zeno is an event Hero who can only be obtained during the Challenge duration, and likewise cannot be used to Enhance or Promote other Heroes. 

Zeno can only be used to Enhance, Promote, and/or Memory Imprint himself. Additionally, Silver Transmit Stones will not be issued upon Transmission.

■ Reputation

Reputation Name



Fine. I’ll deal with you for a bit.

Clear 40 times (above Hard Difficulty)

5★ Zeno

An insect like you is going to face me?

Clear Normal Difficulty

30,000 Gold

At least you know how to fight for something.

Clear Hard Difficulty

3 Silver Transmit Stones

You...could be of some use.

Clear Hell Difficulty

1 Gold Transmit Stone

Don’t mistake this as the end. This isn’t over.

Clear Epic Hell Difficulty

100,000 Gold

4. Guild Improvements 

The role of Guild Captain can now be transferred.

■ Inactive Guild Captain Role Transfer

- Guild leadership will now be transferred to a different member when a Guild Captain has not logged onto the game for more than 7 days.

> Leadership transfers are applied once per day at the time of server reset.

(Korea Server: 03:00 KST / Asia Server: 02:00 CST / Global Server: 10:00 UTC)

 > In the case that there are Vice-Captain(s), leadership will be transferred to the Vice-Captain with the highest Contribution.

> If there are no Vice-Captains, leadership will be transferred to the member with the highest Contribution.

 In this case, members who have not logged in for more than 3 days will not be considered as potential candidates.

■ Other Improvements

- Guild members now cannot leave or be kicked from the Guild while the Guild membership is being updated.

- The "Blessing of Sincerity" text that appears when players exceed their aid limit has been removed.

- The text bubble that displays a Guild’s Guild Description in the Recommended Guilds list and Guild Invite list now changes size to match the length of the description.

5. Other Updates & Bug Fixes

■ Heroes

- Ken’s “Knockout” skill has been updated.

Knockout (Before)

Attacks with a flurry of strikes, burning the target for 2 turns if the caster is granted Vigor. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.

Knockout (After)

Attacks with a flurry of strikes, with a 35% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. If the caster is granted Vigor, also burns target for 2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.

- Ken’s skill “Celestial Kick” no longer consumes Fighting Spirit.

- During Auto Battle, Ken now uses his skill “Celestial Kick” even when not granted the buff Vigor.

- Mucacha and Roozid’s tails now display.

■ Specialty Change

- The skill tree UI for Specialty Change has been updated. An animation now plays when skill tree runes are enhanced.

- Rune enhancement level on the skill tree is no longer displayed after the rune name.

■ Artifact

- The system messages and tutorials that appear when limit breaking artifacts have been updated.

■ Memory Imprint

- When a Hero cannot be Enhanced/Promoted any further and only Memory Imprint is available, now only the cost of Memory Imprint displays.

- When a Hero cannot be Enhanced/Promoted any further and only Memory Imprint is available, a Memory Imprint button now displays in place of the Enhance/Promote button.

- The message displayed when a Hero is used to promote the same Hero has been updated.

■ Dispatch Missions

- Players are no longer able to send both an original Hero and its Specialty Changed version on the same dispatch mission.

■ Arena

- The damage animation from Protector’s Punishment is no longer applied to the defeated Heroes.

- When NPC Challenge is first unlocked, the Heroes’ level now appropriately match their team’s difficulty.

■ UI & Other Changes

- An (N) icon now displays on newly obtained equipment.

- When a Challenge Event-exclusive Heroes are first obtained, their summon animation and tutorial now play.

- Summon Notices no longer display when viewing the Hero Details screen.

- Unobtainable items no longer display the amount owned.

✓ Raid-Labyrinth: Sap-Covered Item

✓ Flame Spirit Altar: Runes displayed in Exclusive Rewards on the entrance screen 

✓ Hunt: Craft Materials displayed in Exclusive Rewards on the entrance screen

✓ Challenge: Equipment Charms displayed in Exclusive Rewards on the entrance screen

- The text that displays when a friend’s supporter has not yet been Memory Imprinted has been updated.

- The ‘Powder of Knowledge’ text that displays in the Shop no longer overflows outside of the text area.

- During Equipment Enhancement, Equipment skill text is no longer cut off.

- The speech bubble that displays above [Retry] after being defeated in Labyrinth has been updated. 

- An issue has been fixed in which tooltips overlapped when certain areas on Skill icons were tapped. 

- An issue has been fixed in which pressing the back button in the Preview Skills battle would result in the game freezing.

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