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[Update] [Update] 1/9 (Wed) Update Content

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* 2/19 Edit: information about the exclusive items that will disappear from the Conquest Points shop after Arena season 1 ends has been added. Both Gladiator's Equpiment and the Unknown Slate will disappear from the shop. We are extremely sorry for any confusion surrounding this.

1. The new Hero Bellona has arrived!

The noblewoman of Ezera who left to find freedom!

Meet the dazzlingly majestic beauty, Bellona!

■ Bellona

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

2. New Artifact – Iron Fan
Equip this Ranger exclusive Artifact and deal greater damage to Ice-elemental enemies!

■ Iron Fan

3. Bellona and Iron Fan Drop Rate Up!

Bellona is an Earth Archer whose damage output increases when there are more enemies. Iron Fan is an Archer exclusive artifact which increases damage against Ice elemental enemies. Meet the noblewoman Bellona and obtain this new artifact in our newest Rate Up event!

■ Schedule

1/9 (Wed) after the update ~ 1/23 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC)

4. Bellona’s Side Story – Two Keys to Freedom 

Bellona has been spending painful days under the pressure of a stepmother who dislikes her and her sense of duty to her family. One day, an intruder brings change to her life…

Find out more in Bellona’s Side Story, Two Keys to Freedom

■ Availability

1/9 (Wed) after the update ~ 1/23 (Wed) before the update

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap Battle > Side Story.

■ How to Participate
Play through the Side Story stages to collect the event currency “Lost Accessory,” and exchange them for great rewards! Additional rewards can be collected from Region Rewards, Quests, and Reputation.

[Event Currency]

1) Bellona and the following Heroes receive benefits when used in Two Keys to Freedom:

2) Once players clear all the stages on Normal difficulty, they may play on World difficulty.
3) Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a Side Story.

4) In the Side Story region, players can acquire 2★ Monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.

5) In Normal difficulty, certain stages can only be unlocked after completing certain quests.

■ Rewards






Lost Accessory

Dragon's Wrath



Cursed Ashes



Slime Jelly



MolaGora Seed






Lv 22~60 Accessory Chest



Epic Life Rune



Greater Life Rune



5 Covenant Bookmarks



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



Gold x2,500






Don’t Stop Her 1

Leif x1

Don’t Stop Her 2

Leif x1

Don’t Stop Her 3

Leif x1

Don’t Stop Her 4

Leif x1

Don’t Stop Her 5

Leif x1

Unexpectedly Sloppy Lady 1

Gold x30,000

Unexpectedly Sloppy Lady 2

Gold x50,000

Unexpectedly Sloppy Lady 3

Rare Catalyst Chest

Need Something Exciting 1

Silver Transmit Stone

Need Something Exciting 2

Silver Transmit Stone

Need Something Exciting 3

Silver Transmit Stone

Escape From Jail

Skystone x30

Two Free Souls

Covenant Bookmark x10

All Achievements Complete Reward

Silver Transmit Stone x3

5. Artifact Selling & Limit Breaking Improvements

When selling Artifacts of 3★ or higher, players will now obtain the new resource ‘Powder of Knowledge,’ which can be exchanged in the Shop for the new 5★ Limit Breaker ‘Bottle of Knowledge’ and a variety of other Artifacts.

■ New Resource: Powder of Knowledge

Players can now obtain a new resource called ‘Powder of Knowledge’ when Selling Artifacts that are 3★ or higher. 

Artifacts obtained from Side Stories and Challenges as well as Charms will not issue Powder of Knowledge when sold.

[Powder of Knowledge]

[Powder of Knowledge Issued by Artifact Grade]

3★ or higher Artifacts issue Gold and Powder of Knowledge when sold.

Artifacts that have been Limit Broken will receive higher amounts of Gold and Powder of Knowledge according to how many times they were Limit Broken.

# of Times Limit Broken




0 times




1 time




2 times




3 times




4 times




5 times




[Artifacts that do not Provide Powder of Knowledge]

Artifacts that have been obtained via Events and Challenges will not provide Powder of Knowledge when sold.

Affected Artifacts

5★ Otherworldly Machinery (Ranger)

4★ Iela Violin (Mage)

5★ Chatty (Mage) 

4★ Ambrote (Ranger) 

4★ Card of Small Miracles

■ Powder of Knowledge Shop

A new section of the Shop has opened for players to spend their Powder of Knowledge. 

[How to Access]

Lobby > Shop > Powder of Knowledge

[Items for Sale]

The Powder of Knowledge Shop’s exclusive item ‘Bottle of Knowledge’ as well as different 4-5★ Artifacts can be purchased here. The available items will change every four weeks. 




Bottle of Knowledge



5★ Durandal



5★ Holy Sacrifice



5★ Bloodstone



5★ Shimadra Staff



4★ Hell Cutter



4★ Sira-Ren



4★ Elyha’s Knife



4★ Adamant Shield



※ These items will change after the update on 2/6 (Wed).

[Bottle of Knowledge]

A new item for Limit Breaking 5★ Artifacts has been added.

When using this item to enhance a 5★ Artifact, the Artifact’s max level will increase. 

■ Artifact Limit Break Improvements

When using Artifacts that have already been Limit Broken to enhance another copy of the same Artifact, the Limit Breaks of the fodder Artifact will also be applied to the Artifact being enhanced. 

Ex) You have two copies of Egg of Delusion: copy A has been Limit Broken 0 times and copy B has been Limit Broken 2 times. When copy B is used to Enhance copy A, copy A will have a total of 3 Limit Breaks.

6. Raid Labyrinth Improvements & Bug Fixes

Item drop rates have been improved, and better rewards are now obtainable in the Raid Labyrinth [Royal Capital Azmakalis].


■ Item Drop Rate Improvements

The drop rates of items in Royal Capital Azmakalis have been improved.

[Normal Difficulty]

- The drop rate of each Boss’s exclusive Epic Equipment has been increased by 20%.

- Non-exclusive, Normal Labyrinth Equipment (Rare ~ Hero Grade) will no longer drop after defeating a Boss.

✓ Instead of the original Labyrinth Equipment, players now have a chance to receive 1 [Coronation Souvenir].

[Hell Difficulty]

- Greater Labyrinth Weapons, Helms, Armor, and Boots (Rare ~ Hero Grade) will no longer drop after defeating a Boss.

✓ Now, only Necklaces and Rings (Hero ~ Epic Grade) drop.


- When defeating a Monster either difficulty, all items will now display as [Sap-Covered Item] except for Ancient Coins, Gold, and Raid Labyrinth-exclusive resources.

✓ The item contained in the [Sap-Covered Item] will be revealed upon viewing the results screen after leaving through the Portal. 

■ Logistics Officer Shop New Items

The Logistics Officer Shop now offers new, powerful items for purchase. 

[Normal Difficulty]



Erikion Carapace


Small Sun Badge


Mysterious Flash


Cold Look


Nightmare Mask


The Heart of Hypocrisy


Azimanus Fighter's Dagger


Azimanus Fighter's Armor


Azimanus Fighter's Necklace


Epic Necklace Charm


Epic Ring Charm


Epic Artifact Charm


Queen Azumashik's Gift


[Hell Difficulty]



Horn of Desire


Nightmare Mask


Black Curse Powder


The Heart of Hypocrisy


Greater Azimanus Fighter's Dagger


Greater Azimanus Fighter's Armor


Greater Azimanus Fighter's Necklace


Epic Necklace Charm


Epic Ring Charm


Epic Artifact Charm


[New Equipment]

- Each piece of equipment’s set, options, and stats are fixed when first acquired.

- When Enhancing the equipment after acquiring, additional stats will be assigned randomly.

■ Monsters

Bugs with Monsters’ have been fixed and certain Monsters’ stats have been nerfed. 

[Normal Difficulty]

- The Health of Azimanus Hunters that appear before the Boss in the first area has been reduced by 20%.

[Hell Difficulty]

- The skill description of Azimanus Scout’s skill ‘Corrupted Web’ has been updated to correctly match the skill. 

Corrupted Web (Before)

Sprays a web at all enemies, stealing one buff. Increase Combat Readiness of one random ally by 30%.

Corrupted Web (After)

Sprays a web at all enemies, stealing one buff. Revive will be instantly dispelled. Increases Combat Readiness of one random ally by 30% after using the skill.

- Azimanus Scout’s skill name has been updated from Mass Enhance to Group Heal in order to accurately reflect the skill.


- The attack of the Elite Monsters that appear in both difficulties has been decreased by 20% and their Health has been decreased by up to 10%.

- The skill description of Area 1 Boss Devourer Arahakan’s skill ‘Crisis Response’ has been updated to correctly match the skill.

Crisis Response (Before)

Caster is granted an extra turn and skill cooldowns are reduced by 3 turns if attacked when Health is less than 50%. Corrupted Web's skill cooldown is also reduced by an additional 1 turn after it is used if Health is less than 50%.

Crisis Response (After)

If the caster's Health is below 50% when attacked, grants an extra turn and decreases skill cooldown by 3 turns.

- When the Area 4 Boss Executioner Karkanis’s skill ‘Crush’ activates, the target’s current Health is reduced by 99% only when target's Health is below 50%.

- The effects of the Area 5 Boss Queen Azumashik’s skill ‘Queen’s Terror’ no longer persist after defeating her.

■ Miscellaneous

- In order to help guide newcomers, players may now access only Area 1 of Royal Capital Azmakalis the first time they enter (normal mode).

✓ Other Areas are unlocked immediately upon defeating the Area 1 Boss Devourer Arahakan.

- An issue has been fixed in which, after defeating Queen Azumashik, selecting Retry, and clearing the Labyrinth resulted in the achievement ‘Fall of the spider queen’ not being marked as completed.

7. Hero Close-Up Function Added

A new feature has been added allowing players to view their favorite Heroes in closer detail.

By using the close-up feature, players will be able to admire the full-body art of Heroes in portrait mode.

Drag to move the screen, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Double tap to reset the view.

8. Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

■ Summon and Summon Tickets

- 5★ Hero Kise and 5★ Artifact Alexa’s Basket have been added to the Covenant Summon.

- 5★ Hero Kise and 5★ Artifact Alexa’s Basket are also now available from applicable Summon Tickets.

■ Heroes

- The skill description of Karin’s ‘Blade Art: Flash’ has been updated to include information about the ‘decrease defense’ debuff.

- The ‘Vigor’ buff from Ken’s ‘Phoenix Fury’ can now no longer be dispelled.

- The skill description of Ken’s ‘Celestial Kick’ has been updated for clarity. 

- When Cidd’s ‘increase speed’ buff expires at the end of a turn, the effects of his skill ‘Wind’s Resolve’ no longer carry over into the next turn.

- An issue has been fixed in which Silk’s ‘Storm Arrow’ did not activate properly at times during Auto Battle.

- An issue has been fixed in which, after dying, Diene’s effects sometimes carried over to the next battle in Hunt.

- The strength of the barrier given to random Heroes by Shooting Star Achates’s ‘Resurrection Magic’ has been doubled.

■ Hunt

- In the past, the Klineode and Silva that appeared with the boss in Golem Hunt were not affected by Silence or Provoke because they only possessed one skill. In order to make more sense out of this occurrence, an additional skill ‘Will of Nature’ has been added to their skillset.

Will of Nature

Once activated, the caster will become immune to Silence and Provoke effects.

- The description of Wyvern’s ‘Fire Breath’ skill has been updated to correctly match the skill. There is no change to the skill itself.

Fire Breath (Before)

Attacks with a fireball and inflicts poison for 2 turns., granting an extra attack if the caster is not debuffed.

Fire Breath (After)

Attacks with a fireball and inflicts poison for 2 turns.

Grants the caster an extra turn and decreases skill cooldown by 1 turn if the caster is not debuffed.

■ Labyrinth

- In Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 3, Zerato is now affected by poison debuffs.

- In Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 3, the enemy no longer receives a barrier when Counterattack Klineode’s counterattack is triggered.

- The window that appears when Retrying in Labyrinth has been improved and additional information has been added. 

■ Abyss

- On Floor 68, Mucacha’s ‘Surprise Attack’ no longer increases the Combat Readiness of all monsters.

- On Floor 71, Boss Armin’s skillset has been updated to match that of the Hero Armin. 

✓ Bulwark → Takedown

✓ Bulwark → Flash of Light

■ Battle

- When a Hero levels up during battle, the Hero’s new, upgraded stats are immediately applied.

- An issue has been fixed in which Boss Monsters’ stun immunity was dispelled after one turn in Adventure and Side Stories.

- In Adventure and Side Stories, Boss Monsters’ skill buff/debuff icons no longer overlap.

■ Arena

- The end date of Arena Season 1 now displays. 

✓ Season 1 Ends: 2/20 (Wed)

✓ Please note that Season 1’s exclusive items (Gladiator's Equipment, Unknown Slate) that were available for purchase via Conquest Points will no longer be available once the season ends.

■ Skill Preview

- The map name now displays upon entering Skill Preview mode.

- In order to allow players to experience the full power of AoE attacks, the number of Sandbags that appear in Skill Preview mode has been increased to 3.

■ UI

- A notification will now appear on the Hero and Specialty Change icons in the Lobby under the following conditions:

✓ When the player possesses a level 50+ Hero to which Specialty Change is available

✓ When the number of Heroes currently undergoing Specialty Change is less than 2

- A notification will now display on the Guild icon in the Lobby when a Weekly Mission has been completed.

■ Miscellaneous

- The ‘Vigor’ icon and description have been added to Help.

- The special seasonal background music that could be heard in the Lobby has returned to the original background music.

- An issue has been fixed in which the incorrect background music played during certain stages.

- An issue has been fixed in which, when enhancing Equipment, certain materials were not correctly arranged by level. 

- Players will no longer be logged out from other devices when logging onto the same account on two or more devices.

- Colored English text now properly displays periods. 

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