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[GM Note] Artifact Pack [16]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.01.09 09:55 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 103074

Hello Heroes!

We have another surprise for you! Purchase this all-in-one pack and obtain the artifact of your dreams!

■ Artifact Pack
- Availability: 1/09 (Wed) after the update ~ 1/16 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

- This pack can be purchased only 3 times per account.

포스트 16

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    2019.01.09 10:20 (UTC+0)
    Fuck you
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    2019.01.09 10:22 (UTC+0)
    cant imagine this pack being more than 30 bucks. Horrible bundle imo.
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    2019.01.09 10:26 (UTC+0)
    trust me, all of trash artifacts go to you inventory. RNG this game likes asshole.
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    2019.01.09 10:57 (UTC+0)
    When is hazel and Roozid Specialty change ? 
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    2019.01.09 13:33 (UTC+0)
    I feel like this game gets more pay2win now...
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    2019.01.09 15:43 (UTC+0)
    new currency? > new pack duh. Not that I blame you guys, but I can't imagine this thing being a value purchase, I could be wrong, since limited packs do tend to be better, but at first glance... NAH come on.
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    2019.01.09 17:50 (UTC+0)
    ?? still no Luna, hazel/roozid specialty change?
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    2019.01.09 19:36 (UTC+0)
    Maybe can fix lag before showing off more p2w stuff pls. Can’t buy stuff if game is unplayable due to your potato servers
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    2019.01.10 09:38 (UTC+0)
    full energy refill, more gold drop rate, free unequipped where are those ! you full of 5H1T GM !
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    2019.01.10 17:04 (UTC+0)
    I mean no one is forcing any of you to buy it just save your money for a better pack ****
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    2019.01.13 16:34 (UTC+0)
    Seriously, what's with all this ******** and whining? This is already such a well-made f2p game, and you don't even need any good gacha pulls to clear all the current content.

    If you hate it so much, then quit your whining and just uninstall. The rest of us who actually enjoy the game won't miss your presence at all.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    As for the devs over at Super Creative, keep up the great work! 

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