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Epic Seven

Epic Seven
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  • 턴제 RPG
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Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] [Update] 12/26 (Wed) Update Content

1. The new hero Kise has arrived!

Meet the Heir of the 6th world and leader of the Nocturnes, Kise!

■ Kise

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

2. New Artifact – Alexa’s Basket

A new Thief Exclusive Artifact has been added to Epic Seven! Equip this artifact for the chance to increase your Attack and Critical Hit Chance!

■ Alexa’s Basket

When clearing stages in the Side Story “A Small Miracle” with Heroes that have Alexa’s Basket equipped, players can obtain extra event resources!

3. Kise and Alexa’s Basket Drop Rate Up!

Kise is an Ice Thief that can slice through barriers with ease. Alexa’s Basket can increase the Attack and Critical Hit properties for Thief class Heroes. Meet Kise, the Leader of the Nocturnes, and this new Thief Exclusive Artifact during our newest Rate Up event!

■ Schedule

12/26 (Wed) after the Update ~ 1/9 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC)

4. Kise’s Side Story – “A Prayer to the Waxing Moon”

Kise and Ludwig visit a nearby town to celebrate the coming of the new year. A few days later, Ludwig secretly heads back to the town on his own, with Kise following after...

Find out more in Kise’s Side Story, A Prayer to the Waxing Moon.

■ Availability

12/26 (Wed) after the update ~ 1/10 (Thu) before the update

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap Battle > Side Story. 

■ How to Participate

Play through Side Story stages to collect the event currency “New Year’s Gift,” and exchange them for great rewards! Additional rewards can be collected from Region Rewards, Quests, and Reputation.

[Event Currency]

1) Kise and the following Heroes receive benefits when used in A Prayer to the Waxing Moon:

2) Once players clear all the stages on Normal difficulty, they may play on World difficulty.

3) Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a Side Story.

4) In the Side Story region, players can acquire 2★ Monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.

5) In Normal difficulty, certain stages can only be unlocked after completing certain quests.

■ Rewards






New Year's Gift

Blazing Soul



Ultra Fang



Twisted Fang



MolaGora Seed






T2~T5 Accessory Chest



Epic Frost Rune



Greater Frost Rune



Covenant Bookmark x5



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



Gold x2,500






Striving to Stay Together 1

Leif x1

Striving to Stay Together 2

Leif x1

Striving to Stay Together 3

Leif x1

Striving to Stay Together 4

Leif x1

Striving to Stay Together 5

Leif x1

Gift Bundle 1

Gold x30,000

Gift Bundle 2

Gold x50,000

Gift Bundle 3

Rare Catalyst Chest

New Year's Monster Hunt 1

Silver Transmit Stone x1

New Year's Monster Hunt 2

Silver Transmit Stone x1

New Year's Monster Hunt 3

Silver Transmit Stone x1

Together Forever

Skystone x30

A Promise Broken Too Soon

Covenant Bookmark x10

All Achievements Complete Reward

Silver Transmit Stone x3

5. Raid Labyrinth [Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell)] Area 1 Open

The dark and mysterious power stemming deep from the Royal Capital Azmakalis has encroached the ancient Azimanus lords and have awakened their hidden powers. More powerful and brutal than ever before, stop them in their tracks.

■ Required Items

- Malicious Bug Charm x1

Malicious Bug Charms can be obtained by defeating Queen Azumashik (normal difficulty) or by purchase in the Logistics Officer’s shop.

■ Weekly Reset

1) Reset Time: Every Monday at server reset/18:00 UTC

2) Entry Restrictions: In order to ensure stability during the reset, players will not be able to enter for 5 hours prior to the reset on Sundays starting from 22:00 KST.

- If the reset begins after entrance but the player clears the Labyrinth before Monday at 18:00 UTC, they will be able to obtain the reward as normal.

- If the reset begins after entrance and the player does not clear the Labyrinth by Monday at 18:00 UTC, they will be forced to exit the Labyrinth, will not receive a reward, and will have the currency used to enter refunded to them.

3) Reset Details

- Areas Cleared

- Progress of Raid Labyrinth, Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell) Area 1

- Monster Respawn 

■ How to Play

Devourer Arahakan can now be found in Area 1 of the Raid Labyrinth “Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell)”.

Other Areas are still unavailable for exploration and will be opened at a later date.

Normal/Elite/Boss Monsters will appear and will not respawn until the weekly Labyrinth reset.

■ New Equipment

Players can now obtain Greater Lost Warrior’s Equipment and Azimanus Fighter’s Ring.

[Greater Lost Warrior’s Equipment]

- Defeat Normal/Elite/Boss Monsters in Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell) for a chance to obtain the following Equipment.




Greater Lost Warrior’s Sword

The sword of a Human warrior who came to Azmakalis long ago in search of the Azimanus Kingdom's treasure.

One of the following: Resistance, Speed,

Attack, Immune

Greater Lost Warrior’s Helm

A helm worn by a Human warrior who attacked Azmakalis to defend his country.

Greater Lost Warrior’s Armor

Armor worn by someone who sought mysterious adventure, but was never able to escape Azmakalis.

Greater Lost Warrior’s Boots

Boots of an adventurer who never gave up hope after becoming lost in the Azmakalis Labyrinth.

Greater Lost Warrior’s Necklace

A necklace received from a lover before joining an expedition to Asmakalis. It is possible to see traces of tears upon it.

Greater Lost Warrior’s Ring

A ring created to celebrate the siege of Azmakalis. The identity of its owner has faded into the fog of history.

[Greater Azimanus Fighter's Ring]

- Players have a low chance to obtain this Equipment upon defeating a Normal/Elite Monster.

■ Hell Difficulty’s Logistics Officer

- Collect “Queen's Guard Badge” dropped by Boss Monsters in Hell Difficulty and exchange them for various items by speaking with Alexa, the Logistics Officer. 

- The Logistics Officer will be encountered 100% of the time at designated locations in the Labyrinth.

- The limit on the number of purchases for items resets every day at server reset.

[Exclusive Currency]

[Items for Sale]


Cost (in Queen’s Guard Badges)

Horn of Desire


Nightmare Mask


Black Curse Powder


The Heart of Hypocrisy


Greater Azimanus Fighter's Dagger


Greater Azimanus Fighter's Armor


Epic Necklace Charm


Epic Ring Charm


Epic Artifact Charm


[Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Equipment]

- Each piece of equipment’s set, options, and stats are fixed when first acquired.

- When Enhancing the equipment after purchase, additional stats will be assigned randomly.

6. Labyrinth Improvements & Changes

In order to make battling more convenient, a [Retry] function has been added.

■ Retry Function Added in Labyrinth

When defeated in Labyrinth, players will now have the option to [Retry]. After restarting, the Heroes’ Health and Skill Cooldowns will reset and the player will be taken back to just before the battle started.

The amount of Camps, Souls, and Potions remaining will revert back to the amount prior to the battle and Auto Battle will be turned off.

Once defeated in the Labyrinth, players may choose to [Retry] on the Stage Failed screen with one free attempt. After using the free attempt, players may Retry without limit for 10 Skystones per Retry. The free Retry will be reset upon reentry to the Labyrinth.

■ Raid Labyrinth QoL Improvements & Changes

- The Boss Guide will now also display information about the Monsters that spawn with the Raid Boss.

- The Boss Guide will now also include additional tips to assist players in strategizing for the Labyrinth.

- The arrangement of the Logistics Officer’s inventory has been improved.

- The [Back] button in the Logistics Officer shop no longer overlaps with other UI elements.

- The [Until Weekly Reset] countdown has been changed to say [Until Weekly Closure].

- The information window that appears when players attempt to enter the Labyrinth during its reset time will now display the amount of time remaining until the Labyrinth reopens. 

- Players will now receive the item needed to enter Hell difficulty, “Malicious Bug Charm,” upon defeating the Queen in Normal difficulty. 

- The cost of Queen Azumashik’s Gift in the Logistics Officer shop in normal difficulty has been changed from 2 to 4. 

- Players may now purchase the item needed to enter Hell difficulty, “Malicious Bug Charm,” from the Ancient Coin tab of the normal Shop (accessible from the Lobby) for 1,200 Ancient Coins. This item can be purchased once per week.

7. Equipment Level Display Changes

Tier information on Equipment will be replaced with levels, allowing players to judge Equipment more efficiently and in closer detail.

■ Equipment Item Levels

- All Equipment tiers will be changed into levels.

- The higher the level of the Equipment, the more powerful it will be. 

■ Equipment Item Tier → Level Chart


Level Range













Equipment with higher abilities will be higher in level than those with lower abilities, even if they are in the same tier. 

■ Miscellaneous

- All Tutorials, UI, Item Names, etc. that displayed tiers will now display levels instead.

- The obtainable Equipment shown in Region Info will now display levels instead of tiers.

- The ability to sort by tier in the Inventory will be changed to sort by level.

- The Auto Select function when selling Equipment from the Inventory will now allow players to select level rather than tier.

- The level of the Secret Shop will now determine the level of Equipment that appears, rather than tier.

- Equipment Chests that listed tier information will now display level information instead.

- Potion grades in Labyrinth will be changed from tiers to levels.

- Tutorials related to Equipment will display the Equipment’s level instead of tier.

8. Supporters Memory Imprint Display

The Memory Imprint status of Supporters is now applied in battle. Even when the supporter does not appear in the battle, the Memory Imprint effects will be applied.

Players will be able to see the Memory Imprint status of a Supporter on the [Select Supporter] screen before a battle. Try forming new strategies for battle using your Supporters’ Memory Imprints!

9. Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

■ Heroes

- Fixed an issue in which, when Soul Burn is used with Challenger Dominiel’s Electrocute skill, the effect overlaps with that off her passive skill Electric Charge and remains until the next attack.

- In Auto Battle, the AI causing Sigret’s skill Guillotine to first attack enemies who are not invincible has been fixed.

- In Auto Battle, the AI causing Coli’s skills Accurate Strike and Baptism of Fire to attack Boss Monsters first has been fixed.

- When using Soul Burn, Maya’s skill Concuss no longer causes the Combat Readiness Gauge to decrease. 

- When using Soul Burn, Assassin Cartuja’s skill Sudden Assault now properly ignores effect resistance.

- A discrepancy in the coloring between Assassin Cartuja’s battle sprite and skill animation has been corrected.

■ Monsters

- In the Raid Labyrinth Royal Capital Azmakalis (Normal), Queen Azumashik’s stats have been nerfed.

  ✓ Queen Azumashik’s speed has been reduced by approximately 10%.

  ✓ The damage Devourer Arahakan takes for Queen Azumashik has been reduced by 20%.

  ✓ The skill “Corrupted Web” of Devourer Arahakan, who appears alongside Queen Azumashik, has had its cooldown increased by one turn and the chances of its skill effect activating reduced. 

Corrupted Web (Before)

Sprays a Corrupted Web at all enemies, decreasing Speed for 2 turns and decreasing Combat Readiness by 50%. (Cooldown: 2 turns)

Corrupted Web (After)

Sprays a Corrupted Web at all enemies, with 75% each chance of decreasing Speed for 2 turns and decreasing Combat Readiness by 50%. (Cooldown: 3 turns)

- Tirel Archer’s “Fire” no longer appears incorrectly in the Trial Battle of Church of Ilryos Axe’s Specialty Change.

- On floor 67 of Abyss, when the Boss Taranor Royal Guard uses the skill “For the Kingdom!” Dual Attacks will no longer trigger.

■ Side Stories

- Dialogue in “A Small Miracle” has been polished.

- In Hidden Achievements in “A Small Miracle,” when the NPC Mercedes uses Dimensional Rupture with Soul Burn, the cooldown no longer resets.

- The [E] icon that appears to notify players when an item is equipped no longer mistakenly appears on Artifacts in the Quest List in “A Small Miracle.”

- Alexa’s Basket has been added to the list of Enhanced Artifacts in “A Small Miracle.”

  ✓ Alexa’s Basket receives a base bonus of 15%. When the Artifact is used at max level, a 30% bonus as well as a bonus to event resource drops is given.

  ✓ The bonus event resources provided are A Small Miracle’s Red Socks and Bakery Coupons. 

■ Hunt 

- The drop rate of the lowest level item in Hunt Stage 7 has been reduced by 30%.

■ Arena

- In order for players to more easily see when a Complete Victory Reward is obtained, after completing a battle and returning to the Arena Lobby, a notification pop-up will be displayed. 

- A pop-up will now appear when entering the Arena Lobby notifying players if their League has changed due to matches against their Defense Team. 

■ Summon & Summon Tickets

- The 5★ Hero Kayron and the 5★ Artifact Celestine have been added to Covenant Summons.

- The 5★ Hero Kayron and the 5★ Artifact Celestine have been added to applicable Summon Tickets.

■ Guilds

- Additional information has been added to the Members List to help Guild Captains manage their Guilds:

  ✓ Daily Contribution as well as whether or not a Member has checked in today

  ✓ Weekly Contribution

■ Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

- In order to resolve an issue in which, when Arranging Inventory after selecting [Try Again] or moving to the next stage, players were unable to continue the game, the Arrange Inventory button no longer appears.

- Recalled Heroes’ Skills no longer show as being Awakened in Hero Details.

- The UI of the [Try Again] and [Lobby] buttons after a battle has been improved.

- Items are no longer added to Enhancement materials when checking the item’s tooltip during Equipment Enhancement.

- The size of the indicator in the Artifact Inventory menu showing that an Artifact is equipped has been improved for more comfortable viewing.

- Queen Diene now has an animated portrait.

- The sizes of Goblin Warriors’ and Goblin Bandits’ portraits have been adjusted and a stone has been given to them to step on.

- A typo has been fixed in the Chinese Christmas Special Packs.

- Fixed an issue in which the number of Equipment needed to be obtained for Church of Ilryos Axe’s Specialty Change displayed incorrectly in English and Chinese. 

- The display of English text for Sanctuary and Adventure missions in High Command has been improved.

- The healing animation no longer displays when a stage is failed due to Heroes dying.

- Fixed an issue where players faced continuous server disconnection when logged into the same account on multiple devices. 

- You can now see how many MolaGora are already owned when browsing Huche’s and Goblicus’s shops.

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