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[Event] Kayron Drop Rate Up [78]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.12.13 12:27 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 19777

1. Kayron Rate Up Event

The commander of an undead army known as the Dust Walkers, and a powerful artifact that heals your team so that you can continue to battle! Meet Kayron and obtain the artifact Celestine!

■ Kayron and Celestine Drop Rate Up Event Information

1) Schedule: 12/14 (Fri) ~ 12/26 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

2) Details: 

- The drop rate for the 5★ hero Kayron has increased!

- The drop rate for the 5★ Artifact Celestine has increased!

※ Please Note

Players may only receive the increased summon rate during the event period and only when using Kayron’s “Drop Rate Up” banner. Please be aware that players can use their covenant summon bookmarks both on Kayron’s banner as well as in the covenant summon area.

포스트 78

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    2018.12.13 12:50 (UTC+0)
    1% chance and no others 5*?
    No gurantee at 50-60 pulls? We need more thash?? No gurantee at all? 
    I get Diane only by guranted at 121 summon and I'm very dissapointed.
    Ignore this awful system.
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    2018.12.13 12:59 (UTC+0)
    Man i really like Kayron but 120 pulls is too much for me, i'll pass this time :(
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    2018.12.13 13:07 (UTC+0)
    Good!... good.... but where is Luna?
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    2018.12.13 13:09 (UTC+0)
    There is no any guranty system at all. No 121 pulls.
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    2018.12.13 13:10 (UTC+0)
    this limited summons is pretty bad, its a first 120 
    gurantee summins, which not all players can do,
    espsecialy tge F2P players and we cant get any other 5
    ain this banner which makes the rate of getting a 5 star
    lwer than normal convenant summons. devs please 
    consider making system where F2P player have a 
    chance to get limited characters too
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    2018.12.13 13:10 (UTC+0)
    banner rate up for single non limited hero? uh, not like this at all
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    2018.12.13 13:19 (UTC+0)
    No thanks. Not gonna support this cancer. 120 Pulls, no toher 5* and a 1% chance? LOL. What a joke! Atleast increase his droprate with every fail pull or give us banners like you did with Cecilia. So you get a realistic chance to get him with 50-70 Pulls.300$ for a single character and ppl are fine with it, what a time to be alive...
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    2018.12.13 13:26 (UTC+0)
    They really need to change this 121 summons, or people will just quit the game, or not summon at all. If it were half of it, like 60 summons, it would make people more likely to spend money. Unless they want this game to end up like all other gacha... people get tired of a broken system and just sell their account and dont play anymore.
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    2018.12.13 13:49 (UTC+0)
    The only thing that bothers me is that there are no other 5* heroes other than Kayron in this banner... But he's not a limited character, SO he will be added later on normal Covenant Summons, It's not worth the waste of Skystones and Convenant Bookmarks currently unless you absolutely want this character. So I'll pass for now.

     And I checked the two parts of the Update Notice, where exactly is the new Specialty Changes previously announced ?
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    2018.12.13 14:04 (UTC+0)
    I need a thief character. This maybe my lucky day
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    2018.12.13 14:09 (UTC+0)
    He really looks COOL. I Will get him
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    2018.12.13 14:41 (UTC+0)
    In normal banner rates 5* its 1.25%, in this banner rate up, rate 1%?? whats is this shit? Devs game die with this system. They are forcing us to spend 300$ to have the character lowering the rates to 1%. One that is not going to play anymore until they fix this, they are laughing on our face.
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    2018.12.13 14:59 (UTC+0)
     RIP, This is the first mobile game i've ever enjoyed but stuff like this is why i never gave mobile games a chance and here i thought greed couldn't get any worse than EA. Just when i was about to buy a few of the store packs.. smh lost a customer.
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    2018.12.13 16:06 (UTC+0)
    So is this a limited character or not? I got confused reading the comments... And BTW I like this system maybe people doesn't realize that this is better than most gatcha games.... Maybe you should make artifact and heroes 50/50 chance each summon.

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    2018.12.13 16:17 (UTC+0)
    So much salt... so every time a new unit comes out, I guess everyone is entitled to get one? Gtfoh
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    2018.12.13 16:42 (UTC+0)
    Keep this up, nerf 3 star and make it so hard to get 5*and your game will die

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