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[Update] [Update] 12/13(Thu) Update Content (Part 1/2)

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  • 2018.12.13 12:23 (UTC+0)
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1. The new hero “Kayron the Acolyte” has been added!

The commander of an undead army known as the Dust Walkers. Meet Kayron the Acolyte.

■ Kayron

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Description]

2. Assassin Cidd and Maid Chloe have been added to Moonlight Summons!

Maid Chloe who and Assassin Cidd are the newest additions to the Moonlight summons. Take a look and see how much these characters have changed!

■ Maid Chloe

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Description]

■ Assassin Cidd

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Description]

3. New Artifacts ‘Ambrote’ and ‘Celestine’ have arrived!

Two new artifacts have been added to Epic Seven.

■ Celestine

Celestine is a Soul Weaver exclusive artifact that restores health to the hero with the lowest percentage of max health each time the caster uses their basic attack.


 Ambrote is a 4★ artifact which enhances the basis attack of the hero that has this artifact equipped.
 Players can obtain this artifact by going to [Battle] à[Challenge] and defeating Kayron!

4. Kayron & Celestine Drop Rate UP!

An event will take place in which players will have a higher chance to summon 5★ Hero Kayron and 5★ Artifact Celestine.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to obtain the new hero and artifact!!


 From the time of the update ~ 12/26 23:59:59

※Hero ‘Kayron’ and artifact ‘Celestine’ will be added to covenant summon after the “Drop Rate UP” event is over.

5. Special Side Story - [A Eulogy for a Saint] Ending 

The third week of Diene’s Side Story officially begins!!!

Clear the newest stages and experience the story of young Diene!

■How to Participate:

1) With the release of the third week of Diene’s Side Story, ‘Eulogy for a Saint’, stages 20~31 will be officially available.
 Once players have cleared stage [19. Standoff Plains] then they may enter stage [20. Icicle Garden].

Players may enter world difficulty after clearing all the stages in normal difficulty.

2) The hidden quest will finally be revealed. Strive to complete all the quests! 

3) The new enhanced hero Kayron will also be added.

■ Locked Quest 

The quest from [25. Ash Fortress] can only be progressed after players complete the Preceding Achievements. Players can check their Preceding Achievement progress by viewing quest, reputation, and the gauge from the world map. 

You may complete the Preceding Achievements with the same name in world difficulty. If you think you have what it takes, challenge yourself on world difficulty!

Clear all the Preceding Achievements from the relevant stages and unravel the locked quest!

■ Defense Stages

Defense stages are structured in a bit of a unique way in that players must eliminate waves and waves of monsters. Keep in mind, players must be extra prepared because there are more monsters than usual! 

Moreover, because the structure of the mode invites waves of monsters to attack, players aren’t able to access and utilize statues during defense mode. Instead, there will be monsters that provide beneficial effects once defeated. 

Special Buffs



Stolen Supplies

Recovers the Health of all enemies when the caster dies.

Dark Goblin Bandit

Hymn of Victory

Grants two random buffs for 3 turns to all enemies when the caster dies.

Blood-Skull Warlock
   Heat Symaqus

Mana Storage

Completely reduces skill cooldowns of all enemies and gives 10 Soul when the caster dies.

Dark Klineode
   (Appears only in World Difficulty)

■ Side Story Changes

1) New stage [Chaotic Wilderness] will be added along with new relevant quests. 

New Stage


28. Chaotic Wilderness

Old Pocketwatch

2) With the addition of new stages, the stars required for region awards will increase. 

Region Reward 



Reward 1

Ritania Area (Twenty Years Ago) Received Stars (20)

100,000 Gold

Reward 2

Ritania Area (Twenty Years Ago) Received Stars (39)

100 Wagon Grass

Reward 3

Ritania Area (Twenty Years Ago) Received Stars (69)

60 Skystone

3) There will be changes made to Battle Home and Banner. There will be changes made to Battle Mode and Banner.

4) Reputation [Overcoming the Crisis] will be added.

New Reputation


Overcoming the Crisis

Lesser Artifact Charm

6. Hero Recall System

A recall system is being introduced to allow players to recover the resources that they invested into Heroes that later received nerfs. However, please note that heroes must be level 50 or higher in order to be eligible to use the recall function.
 When Recalling, all resources put towards that character will be returned, including those used for leveling (EXP, Gold, Promotion material), Awakening (Runes, Catalysts), Skill Enhancement (Catalysts, MolaGora, Gold), etc. Likewise, the Hero you Recall will return to its original state that it was in when you first received it.

※ Friendship will not reset, but all equipped equipment will be unequipped. 

■ Recall Applicable Heroes

Ravi, Tieria, Church of Ilryos Axe, Mucacha, Rikoris, Elson, Kiris

■ Recall Availability

After the maintenance ~ 12/27 (Wed) 14:59:59 UTC

■ How to Recall

1) View the ‘Details’ of the Hero you would like to Recall and tap the Recall button.    

2) When you tap Recall, a list of all materials that will be returned will display. Here, if you decide you want to proceed, tap Recall

3) One more confirmation screen will appear. Select Confirm if you are certain you would like to recall the Hero.

■ Recall Returns

1) Level & Grade

 - The current level of EXP will be returned to the player via 3~5 star Penguins.

  ㄴ 3 star Penguin = 45,000 EXP

  ㄴ 4 star Shadow Hero Penguin = 100,000 EXP

  ㄴ 5 star White Knight Penguin = 500,000 EXP

 - The amount of Gold used to strengthen the Hero via the refunded Penguins will be calculated and returned to the player.

 - Phantasma and Gold will be issued according to the difference between the Hero’s starting star grade and the star grade at the time of Recall.

Phantasma Grade

Current Grade

4★ Hero

5★ Hero

6★ Hero




















































 - Reissued Phantasma will be one star grade higher than the Hero’s starting star grade.

2) Awakening

 - Runes and Catalysts will be reissued according to the amounts used for Awakening as listed in-game. 

3) Skill Enhance

 - All MolaGora, MolaGoraGo, Catalysts and Gold will be reissued according to the amounts used for Skill Enhancement as listed in-game.
 - Due to the change in Molagora, players will be issued the new amount that it would take to return the skill to its original level of enhancement. 

4) Memory Imprint

 - Duplicate Heroes used for Memory Imprint will be reissued.

 - In the case that Unknown Slates or other Hero-exclusive Memory Imprinting items were used to Memory Imprint, these will be reissued to in the form of duplicates of the original Hero. 

 - Amounts according to the Hero’s starting star grade and Devotion Skill level are listed below.

Phantasma Grade
































■ Penguins

4★ and 5★ Penguins have been added to allow players to recover their used EXP when Recalling.

 - Using these Penguins for Hero Transmission will not provide any Transmit Stones and only 1 Gold will be given.

 - When using these Penguins to Enhance, Great Success and Super Great Success will not occur. 

 - These Penguins cannot be used together with other materials to Enhance.

 (Shadow Hero Penguins and White Knight Penguins can be used at the same time.)

Shadow Hero Penguin (4 star)

Grants 100,000 EXP when used to Enhance.

White Knight Penguin (5 star)

Grants 500,000 EXP when used to Enhance.

7. Artifact Recall System

A recall system is being introduced to allow players to recover the resources that they invested into Artifacts which later received nerfs. When Recalling, all resources put towards that character will be returned, including those used to Enhance (EXP, Charms), Limit Breaking (duplicate Artifacts), etc. Likewise, the Hero you Recall will return to its original state.

■ Recall Applicable Artifacts

 Sashe Ithanes

■ Recall Availability

 After the maintenance ~ 12/27 (Thur) 14:59:59 UTC

■ How to Recall

1) Select the Artifact that you would like to recall and tap the Recall button.

2) When you tap Recall, all the materials that will be returned will display. Here, if you decide you want to proceed, tap Recall.

3) One more confirmation screen will appear. Select Confirm if you are certain you would like to recall the Hero.

■ Recall Returns

1) Enhance

- The current level of EXP will be returned to the player in the form of Epic, Greater, and Lesser Artifact Charms.

2) Limit Breaking 

- Duplicate Artifacts used for Limit Breaking will be reissued. (At the max level 30, 5 copies will be reissued)

8. New Raid Labyrinth [Royal Capital Azmakalis (Normal)] Added!

The long forgotten ancient kingdom of Azmakalis has risen.
 Azimanus' Forces must be repelled at any cost as they march towards Dun Blyraia.
 The Royal Capital Azmakalis will first be available in normal difficulty, then in hell difficulty where their full might will be unleashed. 

How to Enter:

- You can enter after clearing 5-9. Peiata Roa on World difficulty.

■ Entry Ticket Requirements: 

 - Labyrinth Compass x2

■Raid Labyrinth - Weekly Reset

1) Reset Time: Monday 18:00 UTC

2) Calculation Time :
 - Entry to the Raid Labyrinth is restricted on Monday at 13:00 UTC for 5 hours. 

 - However, if you have entered before this time and clear before 18:00 UTC, you will still be rewarded.
 - If the time passes after 21:00 UTC Monday and you have not cleared the Raid Labyrinth, you not receive any rewards and your entry material will be returned to your account.

3) Raid Initialization Information

 - Clear Information

 - Raid Labyrinth Exploration Rate (Lock Included)

 - Monster Respawn

■ How To Enter:

1) Battle

 - Azmakalis[Normal] consists of five sections, including the boss section. At the end of each section is a boss battle, which includes a battle against Queen Azumashik.

 - Players who are able to clear two more boss sections within before the next reset period will be able to enter the final section and challenge Queen Asumashik.

 - Normal/Elite/Boss Monsters will appear in each section, and after defeating them once, they will not re-spawn until they've been reset.

2) Time 

 - Unlike other Labyrinths, the Morale System in the Raid Labyrinth will be different (70 Morale will be given upon first entry). However, the amount of Morale consumed will be the same as standard Labyrinth maps.

 - Battle/Go/Waypoints will consume Morale. 


Morale Consumed







 - Buff/debuff based on morale. Please see the image below for more information.

3) Boss Guide

 - When players enter the Raid Labyrinth UI and tap the [Boss Guide] button, they can view information about the various monster’s they will face in Royal Captial Azmakalis.

 - Players can also view the items that each Boss monster will drop.

■ Obtainable Equipment

1) T5 Rare to Heroic equipment can be obtained.

 - Regular, Elite and Boss monsters in this area are able to drop the above items. 



Main Option

Lost Warrior's Sword

The sword of a Human warrior who came to Azmakalis long ago in search of the Azimanus Kingdom's treasure.


Lost Warrior's Helm

A helm worn by a Human warrior who attacked Azmakalis to defend his country.


Lost Warrior's Armor

Armor worn by someone who sought mysterious adventure, but was never able to escape Azmakalis.


Lost Warrior's Boots

Boots of an adventurer who never gave up hope after becoming lost in the Azmakalis Labyrinth.


Lost Warrior's Necklace

A necklace received from a lover before joining an expedition to Asmakalis. It is possible to see traces of tears upon it.


Lost Warrior's Ring

A ring created to celebrate the siege of Azmakalis. The identity of its owner has faded into the fog of history.


2) Azimanus Fighter's Ring

 - Regular and Elite monsters have the probability to drop this item

Azimanus Fighter's Ring

A ring with beetle-shaped jewel. Crafted for the Azimanus fighters who participated in war.

Set Information

T5 Legendary Crit Hit Chance Set

Main Option and Secondary Option 


■ Exchange

 - Boss monsters have a certain probability to drop current within the Labyrinth. This currency can be exchanged for other items.

 - A NPC will be within the Labyrinth at a specific point and players will be able to exchange the currency they receive here for items.


[Exchange Items]


Currency Required

Erikion Carapace


Small Sun Badge


Mysterious Flash


Cold Look


Azimanus Fighter's Dagger


Azimanus Fighter's Armor


Epic Necklace Charm


Epic Ring Charm


Epic Artifact Charm


Queen Azumashik's Gift


[Queen Azumashik's Gift]
The Queen's gift is a random box and only one of the following below will be rewarded.

Queen Azumashik's Gift

MolaGora Seed x1

Gold Transmit Stone x1

Galaxy Bookmarks x1

Covenant Bookmarks x10

Skystone x100

Gold x200,000


- The base stats for the equipment are set.

- However, when players are enhancing these items, the stats will be enhanced at random.

■ New Set Equipment

You can obtain these new set items from the normal and hell difficulties in the Royal Capital of Azmakallis Labyrinth.

Collect these new sets and see how they can enhance your team!

[Unity Set (2/2)]

 Increases Dual Attack chance by 4%

[Immunity Set (2/2)]

 Grants immunity to self for 1 turn at the start of battle. This effect will not stack.

[Rage Set (4/4)]

 Increases damage dealt to target by 30% if the attacker has a debuff.

■ Additional Features

A tutorial has been added for Raid Labyrinth. Follow the tutorial in order to increase your chance at success!

9. Challenge! Standoff with Kayron!

■ Event Availability

12/13(Thu) after maintenance ~ 1/3(Thu) before maintenance (UTC)

■ Entry Conditions 

Clear stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, south side of Wetheric Moorin in Adventure and go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge]. 

■ How to Enter

Go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge] > [Standoff with Kayron]. 

■ How to Play

There are three difficulty levels; Normal, Hard and Hell. To proceed to the next level, the lower level must be cleared first. There is a chance for you to get the 4★ artifact, Ambrote, if you are successful in the challenge.

■ Rewards 

You can obtain EXP, Stigma and gold once the battle ends. In addition, there is a random chance for you to obtain charm, equipment or the 4 star artifact Ambrote. 

[Obtainable Rewards]


4★ Artifact Ambrote
  Lifesteal/Counter/Destruction/Resist Equipment Set (Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Boots) 

Lesser Charm 

[4★Artifact Ambrote Rate]









■4★ Artifact Ambrote

■ Reputation

New Reputations have been added for Challenge! Standoff with Kayron.





Intriguing Presence 1

Clear Normal Difficulty

30,000 Gold 

Is there anything 

I can help you with?

Clear on Normal without a Soul Weaver

50,000 Gold 

An Easy Victory

Clear on Normal with a Phantasma 

in the Team

50,000 Gold

Intriguing Presence 2

Clear Hard Difficulty

3 Silver Transmit Stones 


Clear on Hard without a Warrior

5 Covenant Bookmarks

I'll just...go back in.

Clear on Hard without an Ice Hero

5 Covenant Bookmarks

Intriguing Presence 3

Clear Hell Difficulty

1 Gold Transmit Stone

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