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[Event] Return of MolaGora & Goblin Challenges [5]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.12.05 10:11 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 30961

■ Event Availability

12/5 (Wed) after maintenance ~ 12/12 (Wed) before maintenance (UTC)

■ How to Enter

After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].

■ How to Play 

The MolaGora and Goblin Challenges will be of a singular difficulty.

The Challenges will be marked as completed upon defeating all enemies in the Challenge.

[Entrance Limits]


Entrance Limit

MolaGora Challenge

Can be cleared once during the Event

Goblin Challenge

Can be cleared once every day




MolaGora Challenge

MolaGora x1

Goblin Challenge

Gold x50,000

포스트 5

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    2018.12.05 13:07 (UTC+0)
    Yay, goblin challenge can do everyday even though its limited time only.  :)
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    2018.12.05 13:13 (UTC+0)
    would be really useful if the molagora challenge had 3 difficulty ranges, and each one would give a molagora, a molagorago and the last one :(
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    2018.12.05 23:40 (UTC+0)
    The MolaGora should reset EVERYDAY, these things are a pain in the *** too farm, considering how many you need. We need more-easier ways to get Mola Gora's. 
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    2018.12.10 18:19 (UTC+0)
    Id prefer the MolaGora to be clearable every 48h withing the event.. once per event seems kinda too much

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