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[Event] Penguin Forest Event [28]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.11.29 06:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 10662

Forest Penguin Event

1) Schedule: 11/29(Thurs) after the maintenance ~ 12/19(Sat) 18:00 (UTC)

2) Details:

1. Mission Forest
Complete daily missions to receive Penguin Tickets!
Complete all daily missions to receive Energy!

2. Game Forest
Use the Penguin ticket to play the game!

Players will receive different reward based on the result of the game.

Correctly predict which penguin will hatch in order to receive a reward!

Correct Prediction: Penguin’s Gift (Penguin's Gift- A Special Gift containing either Gold, Covenant Bookmarks, 2 Star Penguin, or Mega-Phantasma.)

Incorrect Prediction: 30 Energy

3. Gift Forest

Players will receive rewards based on the number of tickets they have earned.

- Daily mission progress will be reset daily at the reset time of your server.
(Reset Time: Korea/Asia Server- 18:00 UTC (02:00 CST), Global Server- 10:00 UTC (02:00 PST))
- Tickets left unused during the event period cannot be restored.

- Items left unclaimed during the event period cannot be restored.

Thank you and good luck with our special Forest Penguin Event!

포스트 28

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    2018.11.30 10:23 (UTC+0)
    Is the event bugged after maintenance, i tried selecting the 3 different penguins once but all lost. =/
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    2018.11.30 16:48 (UTC+0)
    For me it's the location of the buttons that is out of place, just like the three sister's event is as well, but on this one i can't find the buttons to collect my rewards.
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    2018.11.30 17:33 (UTC+0)
    I have the same problem with the Receive-Button of Gift-Forest.

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    2018.12.02 04:10 (UTC+0)
    Hmm 3 days now an still can't redeem used ticket rewards any chance you could just change it so when amount is reached it is sent to mail box.
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    2018.12.02 11:21 (UTC+0)
  • images
    2018.12.02 21:33 (UTC+0)
    Fix the reward screen please! I can not collect.
  • images
    2018.12.03 10:12 (UTC+0)
    Same, cant collect Rewards     https://i.imgur.com/DGAIfpE.png
  • images
    2018.12.03 11:35 (UTC+0)
    for me it become only picture n cant click, n task wont progress ;(
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    2018.12.03 15:55 (UTC+0)
    How do u access the event? Can't find in game anywhere.

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    2018.12.03 16:53 (UTC+0)
    Kindly fix the reward system in the Gift of forest because I cannot claim any rewards. All the buttons was misplaced.
    Thank you, 
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    2018.12.03 17:35 (UTC+0)
    there could be an automatic collection system to facilitate some bugs that may occur.
    example completed X task it comes auto in game mail.
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    2018.12.03 19:31 (UTC+0)
    Like the others said, I also have this interface problem where buttons aren't placed correctly. It wasn't rly a problem before because they were still accessible, but on this event the buttons diseapered and I can't collect the rewards. Is it possible to get the rewards directly through the mail box or do you plan to solve this issue ?
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    2018.12.04 04:05 (UTC+0)
    The buttons location problem has been reported for days now and still no answer...
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    2018.12.05 00:41 (UTC+0)
    I can't collect the rewards either at the bottom, o.- devs where are you?
  • images
    2018.12.05 00:56 (UTC+0)
    the reward buttons disapper when the amout of penguin tickets is reached. unable to collect rewards. fix please.
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    2018.12.05 07:04 (UTC+0)
    idk whats the point of this comment box or why would us tell you whats our problem is, theres no a single reply wheter you read or gonna fix the button issue.

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