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[Event] Diene Drop Rate Up [70]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.11.28 12:59 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 18955

1. Diene Drop Rate Up Event

1) Schedule : 11/28, after the update ~ 12/12(Wed) 23:59 KST

2) Details : 

- UP The drop rate for the limited summon 5★ hero, Diene has increased!

- The drop rate for the 5★ artifact, A Noble Vow has increased!

※ Notice
Players may only receive the increased summon rate during the event period and only when using Diene’s “Drop Rate Up” banner. Additionally, please note that Diene is a limited summon hero and will not be added to the covenant summon area after the event has ended. However, the 5★ artifact will be added to the covenant summon banner following this event. Please be aware that players can use their covenant summon bookmarks both on Diene’s banner as well as in the covenant summon area. Additionally, please note that during Diene’s summon event, the drop rate has increased to 1% and no other 5★ heroes can be summoned using her banner.

※ Guaranteed Summon System Information 

1) The Guaranteed Summon System will only be applied to limited summon Drop Rate Up banners. 

2) When players summon a hero during the banner, the summon counter will decrease by 1 for each summon that does not yield the banner hero. 

3) If the hero has not been summoned after a certain number of summons (in this situation 120) then the next summon is guaranteed to be the banner hero.

4). Summoning the hero in the banner will reset the hero counter back to the original number.

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    2018.11.28 13:27 (UTC+0)
    120 pulls to have a guaranteed unit? you are serious? Who can put 120 draw on a banner? Your advantages again favor a minority of players! 11450 stones for a perso guarantee, you realize that it is bad for 95% of the players? You can not venture on this path, this game has too much quality so that frustration will make a lot of people run away. It will be a shame for you and for the players concerned! Changed course!
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    2018.11.28 13:36 (UTC+0)
    Awful system.
    120 draws it's 300$.
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    2018.11.28 13:43 (UTC+0)
    please make it clear if we need to summon HERO 120x or summon either HERO or ARTIFACT 120x to get the guaranteed banner hero
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    2018.11.28 13:48 (UTC+0)

    l'un ou l'autre est affreux ^
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    2018.11.28 14:51 (UTC+0)
    Looking forward to trying out the new unit. Also glad to see the pity rate implemented.

    People need to remember that this is a safety net in case you fail to summon her in earlier pulls. Hopefully something similar is added to covenant, but I’ll be patient. Also, Haste and Luna banned reruns when?

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    2018.11.28 14:58 (UTC+0)
    oh pls stop complaining people u guys want everything handed to u grow up
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    2018.11.28 14:58 (UTC+0)
    120 summon is nothing even to a f2p if you actually play the game, if you just want characters for the hell of it i would go play some other game. Even at 300$ thats a lot better then some other games in the market to get banner up characters. Saying they don't care about f2p and minimal spenders is bs due to you can literally farm 3skystones/1covenant pendant from adventure+ sometimes 5 off secret shop/ Arena gives you decent skystones even at silver so.
    Glad they're doing this now you can save up for a character you really want or if units that are out don't appeal to you can just hoard and save for a guaranteed unit.
    It could be a lot worse like SQEnix's SOA they literally started gutting out free content so people would be forced to roll :^)

    BUT the wording tho  ( 120 heroes ) if its only heroes I think they're shooting themselves in the foot
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    2018.11.28 15:19 (UTC+0)
    120 summons?!! r u friggin kidding me??
    120 X 5 = 600 bookmarks
    50 bookmarks for 950 skystones => for 600 bookmarks = 11400 skystones gg. hats off to the person who came up with the 120 number
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    2018.11.28 15:31 (UTC+0)
    120 is insane, should be 60 or 50, or just every time you use the summon you get like 0,5% more chance or something like that
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    2018.11.28 15:43 (UTC+0)
    Also, its not EVERYONE that spend in dollar in this game, this is around 350 bucks for one 5* hero when there is plenty of it, maybe someone spend this, but on the next heroes events they wont be able to. Profit is one thing but this type of monetizing system is just dumb, its not everyone that spend 350bucks for an weekly event, then the next event comes with other stuff and they have to spend more 300 usd? no one can mantain that, just whales, you guys are just losing money for the middle class that cant afford this and get mad when saw those things, you guys should improve this system, cuz just whale affords that
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    2018.11.28 15:57 (UTC+0)
    There are some who can say that we can save almost 12 000 stones lol in how much? 6 months? so for you it's normal? people who invest so much money all this kind of rhetoric? because the reality is that it's unthinkable to pull twice a year ^^
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    2018.11.28 16:16 (UTC+0)
    For everyone who thinks 120 are too much, this is a limited character and 120 pulls guarantee you that character. Just in case you guys have zero ideas of what gacha really is, for granblue fantasy , CGSS, MLTD and any other games, the gacha system asked you to throll 90000yen, which is around 900 usd to guarantee that character. You can say those are Japanese game, but the systems are basically the same. So plz stop crying for such normal thing. If you really want to get any character,  you can always save the stone and use tickets to draw. 10000 skystone arent that much for a guaranteed ssr character, so grow up plz. You are playing this game for free, why are you even complaining.  
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    2018.11.28 18:00 (UTC+0)
    We are not at tha same condition as far as I can see.
    I pay for it, but to pay 350$ bucks once a week for one character it's absolutely redicolous. (Cuz you will recive tons of 3* unusable trash)
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    2018.11.28 18:51 (UTC+0)
    I dont know why so many people complaining about the 120 pity summons. The rate is 1% for nat 5* in the banner so why should it be any lower than 100 summons? Its a shame when too much of the community are salty cry babies that want everything handed to them and thats coming from a f2p that grinds seriously and plays because i enjoy the game not becajse i want to collect every single hero
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    2018.11.28 19:17 (UTC+0)
    No comments... P2W... :)
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