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Thanksgiving Food Event [10]

  • OFFICIAL Aerin
  • 2018.11.27 10:36 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 9044

Hi, Heirs! It's me, GM Aerin! 💖

How did you all spend your Thanksgiving? Arky and I had some delicious food and A LOT of candy! We would like to know what you had on Thanksgiving! Share a picture of the food you had on Instagram to get rewards. 10 lucky Heirs will receive rewards.

Thanksgiving Food Event!

Date: 11/26 ~ 12/2 14:59 UTC

Rewards: 2 Star Penguins (Fire, Earth, Ice) + 60 Energy

Reward Date: 12/5

1. Post a picture of food you enjoyed during Thanksgiving on Instagram.
2. Use the hashtag #EpicSevenThanksgiving
3. Tag @epicseven_global in your post!
4. Write your Server and Account Number in your post

Check out our Instagram post on the link below.

Good luck, Heirs~

포스트 10

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    2018.11.27 16:09 (UTC+0)
    wow,amazing rewards "sarcastic voice"
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    2018.11.27 17:22 (UTC+0)
    Just a thought, instead of picking 10 random people to give pretty much nothing, maybe you guys should give these rewards to everyone once you reach certain milestones like 100 or 200 pictures shared then maybe people would bother. That's what other games do.
    It's bad enough we have to deal with RNG with catalysts and crafts in the game but outside the game, getting event rewards is RNG too?
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    2018.11.27 23:31 (UTC+0)
    Waste my time to read this ‘event’
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    2018.11.28 01:02 (UTC+0)
    There should be an option to downvote or dislike stuff on this community too, I bet there would be tons of those for thisevent. I can’t even participate because I was in the ER the whole night after work and couldn’t eat food for 4 days. Oh well. 
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    2018.11.28 01:12 (UTC+0)
    Just think of this as a chill gm giveaway rather than a full fledged event 
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    2018.11.28 05:34 (UTC+0)
    Hahahaha! Is this an out of season april fool's joke?

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    2018.11.28 20:15 (UTC+0)
    Way too much negativity in here. Thanks Gm for trying to spread a little cheer during the holidays! Always nice to have community managers and Gms trying to be active and do things that involve interacting with the community! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 
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    2018.11.28 22:23 (UTC+0)
    No way ill do this on insta keep your 60 energy and lame penguins lol

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