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[Event] Rampaging Kikirat v2 Challenge! [15]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.11.21 10:43 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 45240

Hello Heirs!
It's GM Dominiel!
I have another exciting event for your! Test your might against the mighty machine, the Rampaging Kikirat v2! In this battle, will heirs or machine prevail? For more information about this event, please see below!

Event Availability:
11/22 (Thursday) After Update ~ 12/12 (Wednesday) Next Update (UTC)

How To Enter:
After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].


Normal, Hard 



★3 Rampaging Kikirat v2 (Moonlight (Light))
 Attack/Health/Defense Set (Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Boots), Lesser Charm 

Additional Information:

Rampaging Kikirat v2

This hero can only be obtained during the event period. Players cannot use this hero as an ingredient when enhancing or promoting other heroes. This hero can only be used for memory imprinting on itself and can only be used as promotional/enhancement material on itself. Players cannot use this hero to obtain Silver Transmit Stones.

Good luck heirs!

포스트 15

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    2018.11.21 11:00 (UTC+0)
    omg.. good job guys. that was a huge list of changes. you really did a hard work!
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    2018.11.21 14:20 (UTC+0)
    nice a free farmable unit I'll take anything free especially when it's a light unit.
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    2018.11.22 05:40 (UTC+0)
    Thx for this wonderful game, guys! 
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    2018.11.22 08:42 (UTC+0)
    How to obtain? Is it from drop?
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    2018.11.22 11:12 (UTC+0)
    Yep. it is from drop.
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    2018.11.22 14:40 (UTC+0)
    What’s the drop rate of the unit after the first win? I’m having a terrible time farming it right now. 
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    2018.11.22 16:16 (UTC+0)
    Cool ! goodjob teamwork epic, 5ting
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    2018.11.23 04:25 (UTC+0)
    Hard mode the best option for got it and reach the Impring SSS , just take 1 hour 
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    2018.11.26 12:49 (UTC+0)
    He sounds useless, and you cant even trade him for stones, use him to promote/enhance other characters... Whats the ******* point. The drops in this is even horrible. Nice event huh.
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    2018.12.02 09:03 (UTC+0)
    My first sss. I enjoyed this challenge. Thanks guys, can’t waitto lvl him up! 
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    2018.12.12 09:25 (UTC+0)
    20-30 runs and not even once, kinda ***** :/

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