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[Event] Vildred Drop Rate Up [15]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2018.11.21 10:32 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 10132

Hello Heirs,
It’s GM Dominiel!

Meet one of the first characters that introduced you to the world of Epic Seven. A thief with the ability to strike multiple opponents at once is sure to be of use on your adventure! With this incredible event, you now have a higher chance to bring him to your team!

Please see below for more information!

Vildred Summon Rate Up Event!

1) Schedule : 11/22 (Thursday) After Update ~ 11/29 (Thursday) 14:59 (UTC)

2) Details : The drop rate for the 5 Star Hero, Vildred has been increased! 

※ Notice

Please note that Vildred's drop rate has been increased only for the duration of the event.

포스트 15

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    2018.11.21 12:19 (UTC+0)
    Please, scale his damage with enemy numbers a bit (the fewer the higher) so he might have a chance against bosses.
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    2018.11.21 13:47 (UTC+0)
    When we will get Guaranteed Summon System?
    I still can't get Cecillia :(
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    2018.11.21 15:04 (UTC+0)
    I still waiting for the drop rate event for Krau please release it soon.

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    2018.11.21 16:23 (UTC+0)
    I think Vildred needs damage increase across the board, especially as a 5* main character and now in a rate up event. Like a previous commenter said, perhaps a damage increase with fewer enemies to improve him against bosses. Otherwise pulling him is kind of a dud
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    2018.11.21 17:27 (UTC+0)

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    2018.11.21 17:27 (UTC+0)
    Plys Dropbox.

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    2018.11.22 00:04 (UTC+0)
    Well, my Vildred has been buffed for 2 nd skill, from increasing attack for 1 turn ONLY into 2 turns increasing attack.

    However, the damage deal still low, i hope this guys will be buffed maybe about 10% base damage wil be damage, since it's hard to use him at boss stage. 
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    2018.11.22 07:11 (UTC+0)
    Well, he's damage is still low, as guys already said.
    He needs damage scale for his S2 and S3, cuz for now, he is weak for 5*
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    2018.11.25 03:08 (UTC+0)
    He needs debuff on any of his skill his kinda meh! And I’m planning to 6* him first and he’s got my best equipment still kinda meh! Needs buff again or rework on his skill.
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    2018.11.28 03:04 (UTC+0)
    good good
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    2018.11.28 08:29 (UTC+0)
    i keep getting artifact from his banner...please reduce drop rate for artifact for hero rate up summon.
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    2018.11.29 08:55 (UTC+0)
    Vildred dmg really sucks. He is absolutelly trash vs Bosses. Only mob grinder. He needs serious buff or skills rebalance.
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    2018.12.24 23:14 (UTC+0)
    Plys CoD New player.

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