u let ml landy roam wild for a year
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General Discussion

u let ml landy roam wild for a year [2]

r u stupid how do you not nerf this stupid ass broken unit

wow she gets 80% critical resistance while giving 50% critical resistance to the rest of the team

dont worry she also gets 50% attack as a passive

s3 power budget ? we have unlimited budge

lets give her a 50% attack buff and 60% defence penetration

lets **** them over some more

throw in a stun

hey s1 pretty good it gives combat readiness

no its not strong enough lets make it do aoe attack that heals her

no thats not good enough, lets let her do this aoe attack as many times as she wants regardless of turns

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Roana/Lionheart Cermia/Shadow Knight Pyllis is a good combo against her teams in GW, depending on who her allies are, even if she's not on counter set. If she procs an extra attack with her S1, she'll set off LHC's passive.

"Always crit" units like ML Bellona or Charlotte can bypass the crit resistance. Or units not built to crit, like Lethe.

You could also Seal her passive with Nakhwol, Mage Luna etc.

it's called choose her counters

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sword of judgement

2024.07.10 20:37
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u let ml landy roam wild for a year [2]

2024.07.10 20:27
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cileas nerfs when

2024.07.10 20:18
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censored sage vivian

2024.07.10 19:21