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General Discussion

ignore defense [1]

everyone and their mom has ignore defense damage

why make more defense scaling unit they are all so trash except ayufine

if you build defense scaling unit you need to throw away 50% of your defense to get more hp

why defense scaling unit build full hp too

carmin is defense scaler but they build full hp

karina is defense scaler but they build high hp 18k+

lhc is defense scaler but they build high hp 18k+

why is hp scaler allowed to build full hp and build 0 defense and still work

if you have 100k hp you will never die in one hit

if you have infinite defense you can die in one hit because defence penetration exist

there is defense penetration set

why is there no defence anti penetration set

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Idk , i think because if they add those anti pen set just makes the stuff even hard , think like any non penetration attacker hits you , like arby or anythong , just make the stat useless , i think would be bettee if they ads into artifacts since is better to get scaling and easier to gear , but eventually if they add anti pen , would be just like unusual , since the people can draft non pen characters...

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