Changes to Hall of Trials are bad.
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General Discussion

Changes to Hall of Trials are bad. [4]

So lets talk about Challenge Mode in Hall of Trials.

This is unacceptable.

Hall of Trials should be a place where you can get EE to tailor Heroes to your personal taste.
This change make it into next Arena/GW where there is a snowball effect. Strong Accounts get stronger at the cost of others.

My suggestion is:

Copy rewards from normal Hall of Trials in regards to Fate's Gaze.
Add rewards for top 100. Eg. Some Emotes/Player card frames
Something that shows others achievement of being top 100 in challenge mode.

Current system is bad.
Most people don't get reward for participating. Even if you finish in top 30% , rewards are so bad that it feels as you wasted 2 weeks. 

Exclusive Equipment shouldn't be something that only top players get.
Right now there is no way to get ML5 EE other then HoT.
Adding ML5 to Alchemist's Steeple is a must also.


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not a fan either, curve is too steep

It's going to be hard to get the full % that we want

This system is horrible. Woohoo it will take me a whole month to low roll an EE!

Whoever designed this should be fired. It doesn't take a genius that the systems around them are just awful.

We cannot craft new EE's on release, for whatever reason we have to wait until a new set arrives in order to craft them in the Alchemy Steeple. Which depending on how slow the team is it can take a month or so before they are added.

The Fate Gaze is just a stupid idea. We don't need another currency to try and obtain. Especially when only whales are able to get the privilege of rolling more than once a month. While everyone else is stuck never getting to use the new EE's ever or if they did, 99% most likely it low rolled.

I agree. Unfortuantely SG seems dead-set of making changes that nobody asked for lately.

Seems like a case of hiring the wrong people, bringing the wrong ideas ... and then the players must suffer.

Pretty sure everything is being geared to make this game as P2W as possible in future ... which is pretty sad.

E7 has long been a very F2P friendly game that actually used to care about it's players

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Changes to Hall of Trials are bad. [4]

2024.07.09 13:01
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why is ainz even 5* dark fake ml5 worst collabo unit ever made

2024.07.09 08:35
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smilegate showing that they allow hackers in this game

2024.07.09 02:14