Maybe you should Re-Edit Balance patch on 7/18.
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Maybe you should Re-Edit Balance patch on 7/18.

If you read all comment.

this is my personal opinion.

Remnant Violet      : Good but will get seal by New Moon Luna and Bye or many increase hit chance heroes.
If you want to buff evasion heroes. Change Assassin Cartuja all attack to base on HP.
If Assassin Cartuja can stand, evasion heroes will have change.

Sylvan Sage Vivian : S2 maybe will protect seal from New Moon Luna. Lost buff from S3 for heal all allies and reduce cooldown. she is best in this balance list.
But after New Hall of Trials, It prove that Sylvan Sage Vivian still need Increases "Critical Hit Damage Buff".

Yuna  : Lost  "A successful attack always results in a critical hit."  on S3.

S2 then Extra turn is good.
If you want new player to easy build her maybe make all attack cri.

Free Spirit Tieria : OK, I need to change one shot team on Banshee.

Mercedes : The one that need buff is Celestial Mercedes and Archdemon's Shadow.

Camilla : Lost "skill nullifier once" and S3 full cooldown. In auto farm, we close skill for Camilla. But when we play in some content, I need "skill nullifier once".

Aither : Don't have comment. is anyone still use him/her?

Where is Fallen Cecilia?

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Maybe you should Re-Edit Balance patch on 7/18.

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