Ensuring Fairness in Epic Seven: Regional Pricing Disparities of Japan
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Ensuring Fairness in Epic Seven: Regional Pricing Disparities of Japan [5]

Dear Epic Seven Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express concerns regarding a significant issue that has arisen in the pricing of in-game purchases within Epic Seven, particularly in the Japanese region.

It has come to the attention of the global player base that the cost of in-game purchases in Japan is substantially lower than in other regions, leading to several issues of fairness and balance. Below are the key points supporting this concern:

1. Yen Exchange Rate Disparity

The Japanese yen has been experiencing a prolonged period of depreciation, with the current exchange rate approximately 74 US dollar for the Mystic 4 package.

This exchange rate is significantly lower compared to other regions, making in-game purchases in Japan much more affordable. As a result, players in Japan are able to obtain more resources and advantages at a fraction of the cost faced by players in other regions.

This creates a significant imbalance in the game's competitive environment.

2. Unfair Competitive Advantage in RTA

All Epic Seven players participate in the same Real-Time Arena (RTA), where fair competition is crucial.

However, the disparity in purchase prices means that players in Japan can invest less money for the same amount of in-game resources, leading to a competitive edge over players from other regions who have to spend more for the same benefits.

This undermines the integrity of the RTA, as the competition should be based on skill and strategy rather than financial disparities.

3. Migration of Players to Japanese Region

Due to the significant cost differences, many players are opting to create accounts in the Japanese region to take advantage of the lower prices.

This is not feasible for all players, especially those in regions like Europe, where prices remain high and the payment methods are restricted.

This forces a portion of the player base to continue paying higher prices, which is inherently unfair and creates a divided community.

Such disparities go against the principle of fair treatment and equal opportunity for all players, regardless of their geographical location.

Addressing this issue is crucial for maintaining the competitive balance and fairness that Epic Seven players value.

I hope you can check the price of the JP and make corresponding adjustments to protect the interests of players in all zones, to ensure that all players, regardless of their region, can enjoy the game on an equal footing. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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Competitive in a gacha game with p2w features. You're barking up the wrong tree.

I wish packs overall were cheaper and weren't so targeted toward whales/leviathans. :'(

That's why you NEVER should spend for a cheap mobile games. The prices are adjusted only for their own jackiechania and they do not give a duck about all other World regions. Also they do not read this forum so just forget.

It's not just on Google Play; all platform in Japan are currently too cheap now

Agree!!!!!!!! As a player, I just want a fair gaming environment.

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