7/8(Mon) Known Issue
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General News

[Issues] 7/8(Mon) Known Issue [42]

Hello, Heirs.
This is GM Dominiel.

The following issue has been discovered on 7/8(Mon).

1. An issue where the Boss Beserk gauge UI in Expedition is not displayed
→ We have taken measures to restrict the use of the content, and it will be reopened within the scheduled time.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused.
We will continue to inform our Heirs regarding these issues via this notice.

Thank you.

Reply 42
Notification has been disabled.

Something is wrong with the server...I keep getting connection lost, and it cost me fail one guild matches...It's been happening for the past few hours...


hasn't the disconnected been known to you at this point? 

It's more serious and need more attention than that bar. 

I get disconnected while in gw and lose the chance. I get another dc while I'm about to win the arena match and lose my 10 win streak. 

I purchased the buff and use the ap buff item and what do I get now? I lose more than 2 hours of farming time now.


I keep losing connection to the server. What is happening with the server? 


another bug



lets go ohno

lets go


4 leifs to address connection problems are ridiculous lol

Something is wrong with the server...I keep getting connection lost, and it cost me fail one guild matches...It's been happening for the past few hours...


July 8, 2024 the server was so unstable that specifically my 8 guildies was dc'd during gw. On a span of 6 hours pushing to do gw just to attack but to no avail. We lost miserably in a winnable war. Also, other members lose their winstreak in arena. Additionally, we saved up leifs and energy for hunt/rift but again it's unplayable I demand compensation/justice for this.

Also, you only give 4 lief as the compensation for all of this? Really? Are we fcking a joke?

Did anyone else simply not receive the 7 day Arkys growth event?? Between the missing reward chests and the similar time I got screwed out of my nahkwol emote it's getting harder to justify my loyalty to sg. I've been playing since US release and to see cheaters flourish like this sucks.

I lose my connection to the server every few minutes.  

"Disconnected from the server" every 5 min 😭  we'll lost the buff event, we need a fix asap.

Y'all need to fix the servers game has been unplayable all day so far. 

Servers are less stable than when the Overlord collab happened. Please fix.

Can u fix your global server from having us disconnect  all the time before you fix a UI?  We'd really appreciate that

Lost Serve in Event Day, I LOST LOT ENERGY --"

It's impossible to play this game today...

Every 30s a get disconnected.

Buff event, farm, gvg..!? Not today hiers

something wrong with ur server hello dev???? its still lost connection suddenly hellooo?????? where are you devs????

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