Complete Earth Rift Guide With Several Teams
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Game Tips

[RiftSeason2] Complete Earth Rift Guide With Several Teams

Moriyaism / Global

Rift is the best place to farm gear, and the recent changes have made it much more accessible to newer players. I’ll go over the general mechanics, rift fragments, unit choices, and team options.

The fight revolves around removing the boss’s buffs using AoE attacks, which also applies a debuff allowing you to deal more damage. You’ll also want a cleanse to remove debuffs at the start of the fight, and consistent Immunity buff to block further debuffs since the boss has no strip. The boss is immune to %HP damage, so Daydream Joker doesn't work here. It is also immune to Defense Penetration.

Rift Fragments
The Rift Fragments give you plenty of options to choose from. The ones you pick will vary depending on your team, but I'll go over all of the usable choices.

At RC2, the AoE damage fragment is the best one available. If you need additional sustain and are using Wukong, then the healing fragment can be a solid choice as well.

At RC8, any Wukong users should use the Warrior debuff extension fragment. This is a much larger damage increase than the Mage one due to the Sever stacks getting extended as well. For non-Wukong users, if you're using a Thief then use the Thief debuff extension fragment. Otherwise, you should use the Mage fragment for Vivian.

At RC15, once again any Wukong users should pick up the Warrior fragment which greatly increases Wukong's damage and makes it relatively simple to one-shot the boss. Any non-Wukong users with a Thief should grab the Thief Sever application fragment, and Knight users should grab the Knight S3 cooldown fragment.

At RC21, any Wukong users should grab the fragment that gives all allies Immunity buff if there's no Soul Weaver. This lets Wukong completely solo the fight without any other units if he has enough bulk and damage. Use the other 3 Warrior fragments to help him do so. For non-Wukong users, if you're using Bellona then grab the Ranger debuff extension fragment. This also removes the need for the Thief debuff extension fragment if you were using that, so you can change to the Mage fragment on row 2. Otherwise, use the Rift Counterforce duration extension fragment.

Wukong is by far the best tanker since he's also an amazing DPS due to his AoE S1. You can run him skills off so he uses his S1 every single turn, and his passive helps him mitigate some of the damage from the boss. You’ll still need a bit of bulk to survive the initial few turns. Aside from bulk, you'll also want a bit of Speed (just Speed main boots is enough) as well as damage. Enhance his S1 for more damage and his S2 to make sure you never get crit. He makes great use of several of the Rift Fragments and is able to easily solo the boss at RC21. He can act as a healer if you’re struggling with sustain at RC2, and at RC8 he’s able to extend Def Break and Sever throughout the fight. Downside is he’s hard to get once his banner is gone.

Ray/Bernard in the front slot is a great option if you don’t have Wukong, since it lets you maintain having 3 DPS. There’s a pretty big drop-off in DPS options beyond the big 3 (Wukong, Bellona, Vivian), so these comps don’t perform as well as the Wukong teams, but it will still do very well. You’ll need to make sure they have enough bulk to tank and that your team overall has enough sustain. If you’re struggling with sustain then try using Bloodstone on Bellona. If that's not an option, then consider putting a Knight with Aurius in the front slot and keeping Ray/Bernard in the back.

Mort has an AoE S3, letting him remove a Sever stack and also heals himself a bit. At RC15 he can use S3 much more often via the Rift Fragment. S2 can be nice for a bit of survivability via the CritRes buff. His S1 has an Ignore EffRes Def Break if he has Rage which he gets after using S3. This lets you skip building Eff, but the proc rate isn't super high. You'll hit the debuff cap very quickly though, so his turns aren't that impactful past the first two. He should be built slow since he gives himself Speed buff and will eat up Rift Counterforce. Still nice to have though. He can hold Aurius if needed as well.

has an AoE S3 but beyond that she doesn’t really do anything. Counter buff can be nice for proccing the boss’s passive for debuff extension a bit more frequently but shouldn’t have a major impact. Build her with 0 Effectiveness so she doesn't land Blind on the boss as that would decrease your damage. She should be able to permanently maintain Counter buff at RC 15 due to the Rift Fragment. Her self Speed buff is actually a bad thing since her turns are very low impact and she’d be taking turns away from your DPS units, so I’d run her at base speed. The CritRes does prevent her from getting Crit though and she can hold Aurius if needed.

Alencia attacks twice every non-S3 turn so she can help with debuff extension. Her S1 Def Break is only 1 turn but proper tuning can let her proc the debuff extension on the boss right after using S1, extending it to 2 turns. You'll need 105 Effectiveness if you want to utilize her Def Break. S3 is an AoE, but it’s on a pretty long cooldown. She doesn’t use the Warrior Fragments too well since she doesn’t do much damage nor AoE often, but she’ll get a bit of a boost at least. No ability to help the team sustain outside of Defense buff on S3.

Armin counterattacks with AoEs, so she can help remove tentacles but not reliable since it’s not a Counter buff, just her passive and maybe Counter Set. Aside from that she’s the most accessible option besides Bernard (who is probably harder to gear) and she can hold Aurius as well. She doesn’t use the Knight Fragment at RC 15 at all though, so you’ll get nothing from that row generally.

Attack Buffer
Vivian is easily the best choice here, with 3 turns of Atk and Imm buff on S3, a 2 turn AoE on S2, and being completely free from the Hunt Expert Challenge. You’ll want to enhance her S3 for the -1 turn to help maintain Immunity buff. If you have a +30 Spirit’s Breath and 4 Immunity sets, she enables a very strong comp, but that’s not necessary and she’ll perform amazingly even with just Kal’Adra and a normal team. She should be the 2nd fastest unit on the team, moving right after your cleanser.

Mui is a backup option for anyone who transmitted their Vivian for some reason. I’d recommend gracing her since she’s not very useful anywhere else. S3 is AoE damage + 3 turn Atk buff and S2 is AoE, but her cooldowns are very long. She doesn’t have Immunity buff like Vivian, and she needs to be built with 0 Effectiveness since her debuffs will decrease your damage dealt. Might get decent mileage out of the Warrior Fragment at RC8 at least.

Mercenary Helga is the last resort. S3 gives all allies 2 turn Atk buff, her S2 CR pushes the highest Atk ally, and she provides a good amount of Def Break (105% Effectiveness needed). She has no AoEs so her damage is pretty bad and she also has no Immunity buff as well. No AoEs also means she can’t use the Warrior Fragments.

Def Breaker
is the best option, with a 100% Def Break on S3, plenty of AoE, and the ability to hold Bloodstone for healing if needed. With the optimal comp, you can opt to skip Eff and just build her pure damage once you hit the breakpoints needed for a consistent 1-shot. If you need Def Break, then you’ll need 105 Eff. Her S3 timings are weird though, even considering her S1 proccing her S3, so after the initial Def Break you won’t get a chance to land Def Break again until the very end of the fight (or never if you have debuff extension fragments). For non-Wukong teams, at RC21 she can use the Ranger Fragment to extend Def Break and Sever throughout the fight.

Verdant Adin is a great backup option, a 2 turn Def Break on S3 with a 3-turn cooldown gives her the perfect tuning to try and apply Def Break again after the boss uses S3 and removes the initial Def Break. You'll need 105% Effectiveness to land Def Break reliably. She also has an AoE on S2, 7% CritC to all allies, and her Weakness Shared buff which gives all allies 10% more damage. She can use the Thief Fragment on at RC8 to help extend debuffs and the Thief Fragment at RC15 helps her remove Sever stacks much more efficiently. She might require you to change from Savior Adin, but if you have Wukong you can just solo with him at RC21 and switch her back to Savior.

Mercenary Helga is the last resort. She has an 80% Def Break on S2, and 55% Def Break on S1, 105% Effectiveness is needed to land these reliably. Her lack of AoE actually gives her more chances to apply Def Break since the boss won’t hit the Debuff cap as fast, but it also means she doesn’t apply Sever stacks and can’t make good use of the Warrior Fragments. She does provide 30% CR push to the highest Attack ally when using S2, but her S3 Atk buff is a complete waste of a turn if you have Vivian. Her damage is also very low due to her lack of AoE.

is the general best option. Team cleanse, Immunity buff and Heal on S3, plus team Barrier + Heal on S2 gives him plenty of sustain. You’ll want him to be the fast unit on the team so he can remove Venom at the start of the fight. Aside from that, with his EE and S3 -1 turn cooldown skill enhance, him combined with Vivian should be able to permanently maintain Immunity buff provided her S3 is enhanced as well.

Bernard is a much more accessible backup option. Team cleanse and immunity buff on S3 but no healing compared to Ray. S2 gives a barrier to the lowest HP ally and S1 provides some healing to all allies. He provides less sustain than Ray, but with Bloodstone you might be able to survive fine anyways. Make him the fastest unit on the team as well and enhance his S3 for the -1 turn.

Wukong, Bellona, Vivian, Adin
This team isn’t for standard usage since it requires a +30 Spirit’s Breath or a 265 Speed Vivian, as well as Immunity Set on all 4 units. However it’s easily the best performing team.
Expect to 2-shot at RC2, and potentially 100% 1-shot at RC8 (harder without Spirit’s Breath).

Wukong, Bellona, Vivian, Ray/Bernard
This is the general best team, with plenty of AoE and covering all of the required mechanics.
Expect to 2-shot at RC2, 1-shot at RC8, and 100% 1-shot at RC15.

Wukong, Adin, Vivian, Ray/Bernard
The backup for no-Bellona players. Not as strong but a very close second.
Expect to 2-shot at RC2, 1-shot at RC15, and 100% 1-shot at RC15

Wukong, Helga, Vivian, Ray/Bernard
For those without Bellona or Adin. A much weaker team but sometimes that’s all we’ve got.
Expect to 3-shot at RC2, 2-shot at RC8, 1-shot at RC15, and 100% 1-shot at RC21.

Ray/Bernard, Bellona, Vivian, Adin
The best non-Wukong team, running 2 sources of Def Break for more consistency.
Expect to 3-shot or 2-shot at RC2, 2-shot at RC8, and 97.75% 1-shot at RC21.

Mort/Senya/Alencia/Armin, Bellona, Vivian, Ray/Bernard
An easier to gear but also worse performing non-Wukong team.
Expect to 3-shot at RC2, 2-shot at RC8, and 1-shot at RC21.

There’s of course the non-Vivian options and a couple more variations, but those are all the comps I’ve been able to test myself. Good luck with the Rifting.

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