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Limited Collab Units/Artifacts [4]


There's a growing list of artifacts and units that players old and new will never get a chance to roll for again due to them being part of a collab (Guilty Gear, Re:Zero, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Aespa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Overlord). 

Can we get new artifacts/units with the same power under a different name (as to hopefully not violate any collab contracts), so that players can still have the opportunity to roll for artifacts and units that have the same effects as their predecessors?

Example: Rocket Punch Gauntlet (I don't expect the Aespa collab to ever return, but this artifact is a staple; same can be said for 3F)

"After attacking with a Single Attack, it has a 100% chance to inflict additional damage to the target. Additional damage increases proportional to the caster's Defense ."

We can create a new artifact for example, called "Battering Ram" which would have the same effect and can be part of the Limited Artifact Pool, so that eventually with the Custom Banner/Custom Coin Shop, players would have the chance to obtain these same effects.

The same idea could also be applied to heroes. And if you don't want too much work creating new units, you can probably create a shadow/mist looking unit (to be reused for all collab units) that can maybe have the weapon of the original character to indicate who it's a replica of.

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I wish we could pay for access to old collabs and the IP holders would get a cut of that, Pokemon gave me "gotta catch 'em all" brainrot and I want units like Kizuna Ai even if her kit isn't very good, lol.

Plus I started around the FMA collab so I wasn't able to fully imprint Riza and I don't have Ed or Roy. :'(

good idea

The system I described is what Summoners War does to help players who weren't around for the collabs to get artifacts/units that have the same power, but not the collab art.

I'm not missing anything. I'm thinking for the better of the community.

Keep dreaming buddy. Maybe if you can pay them millions they will rerun collabs for you

Btw guilty gear came alot

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