To fellow Epic Seven players, please read this.
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General Discussion

To fellow Epic Seven players, please read this. [7]

Epic Seven is under a wicked management.

There are managers like this. Plenty. They take over the game, milk the most profit out of the game and its players in the most unsustainable and destructive way possible.

Using this strategy they just earn a lot of money, add another credit to their resume, before leaving the game they have destroyed and find the next game to prey on.

See what they've done: We almost had second awakening; We had Jenua + ml Politis + ml Senya, who are all broken and all over Arena defense; They made Arena very difficult for casual and free-to-play players; Now we have +15 equipment sets on sale, which is the most blatant "Pay to win" possible. These managers need to be removed before they eliminate Epic Seven.

We need to act now, before it's too late. Because when the stone starts rolling down the hill, nobody can stop it.

We need to pressure them. Even if we cannot send a truck, we can give a 2* rating and comment in the app store, express our objection under Epic Seven's social media, or share the words above with players you know. You can make a difference.

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Don't know what you are talking about, but this game has already been dead since the release of CLilias & the finishing blow was the release of Candy(0TCD Salvo + Elbris not being nerfed wich also has Single & AoE proc). 

This game requires no skill, just Equip Elbris on Candy & Ayuffie then you win most of your matches due to rng(+15%/3%) just look at the previous and current e7wc that is totally esports ready right?

But yeah if you don't like it, stop playing.

If you still enjoy it and want to play, then keep playing.

You can't do netmarble guy dirty like this, you should be happy those aren't 20 speeder or even 25+ speeders that they are selling(even with the crafting event they did twice was max 17 speed wich you got 2 pieces of 2x = 4!!!!).

In the end they still need to make money somehow.

" You can make a difference"

lol tell this with important things, that have impact in the real world, must be nice to think your can made an impact in something while scratching your balls comfortably in your home.

Althought I do agree that this sets a bad precedent and that the current management its trash (this marble ******* its trying really hard to ruin this, im surprised someone this incompetent have a job), this is just a game, dont need to be so dramatic. If you dont like this the best way you can "pressure" them its to stop consuming their products, go and made a change! delete this game and never install it again! you can made the difference! lol

Everything big starts with something small. If everyone who object to their behaviors left, then they win.

Leaving is the easiest option. But people who love this game will act. Remember last time players stopped second awakening.

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dotaplayerI agree with you in 50% of what you just said, just apply it in important stuff in real life, not in epic 7. Companies keep ******** over their clients because despite doing questionable things, people keep consuming their shit. People think they can do a change... in the comfort of their computer without changing anything.

Personally? I had been here 5 years, Im either waiting EOS or they ******** so bad to finally made me leave, like when I thought that they were going to remove weekly crystals in arena, for example.

Also, if they would really listen to the community this netmarble ****** would had been fired a while ago, he is like an alchemist, everything he touches becomes shit.

Dont get me wrong, this is one of the worst decisions ever made in this game, just dont need to be so dramatic.

Equipment packs are not p2w.

Those packs are good for beginners and mid game players. Literally any late game player has way better equipment. 

The packs give you the chance to build units with just one tap which is something we players complain about (the difficulty of getting new and good equipment).

Again. This is good. It doesn't affect late game players and help begginers and mid game players get good equipment fast to compete with the rest of the players.

Characters powercreep and balance is something worth discussing but since your view of "balance" is fcked up there is no point on arguing about it with you.

This is the most stupid comment I had read in this forums this week, congratulations.

That gear its the equivalent of a year and a half grind for a f2p player, I dont mind them selling stupid skins,releasing characters as fast as they do (a somehow active player can get 1 copy of each new not ml character as long they manage their resources properly, new players must choose between which banners to get though) or selling charms for fast upgrade. 

But selling +15 gear? that literally brokens the rng of the game, the little last bit of "balance" this game had, also it sets a bad precedent, but as dumb as you are Im sure you are one of the 3 or 4 people that was against them retiring that shity p2w update we almost had at the beggining of the year.

Althought Im not dramatic as op, this management its trash, we must need to admit this.

Both new players and old players are hurt. New players who come after this sale will only face a much higher gap; Old players' effort and time just  depreciate like a joke.

By the way, they'll be selling 25 or 30 speed gears if we don't try to stop this.

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작성 시간 07.07.2024

Imagine if they buff Luna and sell her banner they could make tone of money [2]

2024.07.07 01:41
작성 시간 07.07.2024

Why's this gear glowing on the rewards screen [1]

2024.07.07 01:34
작성 시간 07.07.2024

To fellow Epic Seven players, please read this. [7]

2024.07.07 00:38
작성 시간 07.05.2024

Do you think we will get more SCs if they would sell them? [3]

2024.07.05 13:27
작성 시간 07.05.2024

time for melissa for another buff [1]

2024.07.05 11:55