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[Current] New Moon Luna Release Celebration! Luna Emoji Contest [2]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!

New Moon Luna, a kindhearted half-Dragon with many secrets, has finally arrived in Orbis!
In celebration of the release of New Moon Luna, we're holding a Luna Emoji contest!

Winning entries will be made into emojis for STOVE/Discord,
so we encourage all Heirs to join the event!

Please see below for more details.

■ New Moon Luna Release Celebration! Luna Emoji Contest

[Event Schedule]
7/4 (Thu) – 7/31 (Wed) 14:59


All Heirs

[How to Participate]
- Draw an emoji themed around New Moon Luna and post it on the
[Luna Emoji Contest] board following the format below.
[Post Format]

Title: [Luna Emoji] Server/Nickname
Content: Write a post with one New Moon Luna themed emoji attached

[Emoji Concept and Size]

ㆍ100*100 pixels (JPG/PNG)
ㆍEmoji themed around New Moon Luna

※ Selected emojis will be added to the STOVE platform, so please create them without any text if possible.




[Event Reward]

Epic Winner (1 Heir)

Runners-Up (4 Heirs)

Special Award (10 Heirs)

All Participants

Skystone x3,000

Skystone x1,500

Skystone x777

Leif x5

Registered as an official Epic Seven emoji

[ STOVE/Discord ]

※ Event rewards will be sent to your mailbox along with the winner announcement on 8/16 (Fri).

* Please Note

The event requires the emoji to be created based on New Moon Luna and submitted accordingly.
- To apply to all language regions on STOVE, please avoid adding text to the emoji.

- You may submit multiple entries with one account, but duplicate winnings are not allowed.
- Even if you participate multiple times, only the Epic Seven account information you initially provided will be valid. (Server, Nickname)
- Please make sure to follow the event participation format accurately, including your server and nickname information.
- If your account information cannot be verified, participation rewards may not be granted, or your win may be canceled.
 Submitted entries must be free from any copyright issues.

The winners will be selected by a group of judges at Smilegate. 

The copyright of the submitted works belongs to the Heir who created them. However, winning works will be used/distributed as emojis in the STOVE community and Discord, and may be used in promotions, media, printed materials, in-game implementations, etc., related to [Epic Seven]. By participating in the contest, you agree to this usage.

- This event has been conducted in accordance with the [Event Regulations].

- If it is confirmed that your submission was not legal, your prize may be canceled.

We hope that many of our Heirs will participate in this event!

Thank you.

Post 2
Notification has been disabled.

But why would I put time and effort into drawing something when there is nothing in the rules against AI art? In the previous contest for drawing chibis I remember AI art being in the winners. Why should anyone try drawing something when someone can win with AI art?


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