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General Discussion

Suppress Players? [4]

Is there a way to block a player in the forums? I don’t hate anyone. The thing is, I sure would appreciate being able to clean up some channels. Is there a way to do this without reporting their posts? Anybody know?

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Are you ok? You know that posting for new members of the guild is baked into the UI, right? I’m a guild leader, so I have to make sure my guild has members - so I use the tool to keep our guild active, especially when we have some that become inactive. Take a breath and relax.

I didn’t doxx you, you don’t even know if my post is referencing you, specifically. I asked a simple question about suppressing posters who post often, generally, and you flew off the handle. Get control of yourself and realize that these types of engagements with other people aren’t ok - even online on a mobile game forum.

If you want to be treated with respect, have some for others, especially in the forums. Got it?

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im the only one here

get more people to post,

u have 92 posts,

i only have 19 posts over 4 years

there is only 1 post every week with millions of players excluding me

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tahagels is broken

2024.07.03 23:35
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smilegate supports cheaters

2024.07.03 23:13
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Suppress Players? [4]

2024.07.03 15:08
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0 crit black choux

2024.07.03 11:44
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arunka is ******* useless

2024.07.03 11:36