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E7WC 2024 Banned Players [1]

I am really disappointed in seeing so many qualified prominent Global server players being banned from the E7WC. I understand that wrongdoers and nefarious actors should not be allowed to participate, but it seems very arbitrary who was punished seeing that no players from the Korean server were disqualified, but prominent figures that have large community followings and worked hard to get qualified in the Global server community were. Suffice to say, I won't be looking forward to the E7WC anymore this year or maybe even any future year anymore.

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this is prolly their attempt to pump fresh blood by removing players with strong accounts. they dont wanna see same roster over and over again in e7wc ig. me personally never cared abt e7wc, feels like its a distraction just to not focus on game issues such as game balance, i get my twitch drops and bounce.

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