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Bug Reports

Ads for energy [4]


Since an update that asked for consent for ads where I clicked refuse all being stupid, It bacame impossible for me to receive ad rewards, whenever I click on it I get "there's no ads to load" No fill... could you help me out to revert it ?

It is really a huge loss.

It's been months. I've asked the support in game that asked me to ask google...

Thanks in advance

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Still no answer...

.... instead of ads for energy.....why not mystic medals...that has more value than energy.....heh....too stingy for that heh....why would anybody watch 30 second ads for a lousy energy refills.... you can gain energy for free..... mystic medals on the other hand is not free....but then again.... StinGy7 is just too stingy for that.....heh......

@JokeRock I play on android, through a stove account only linked to my googleplay for billing purposes

Where do you play e7 in? Android, ios, or google play?

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