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Closed Events


Closed Events

[Closed] Dice Adventure in Politia Event [1]

Hello Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


In the southwest of Eureka lies the Republic of Politia, a mechanical city-state where humans and Automatic Dolls coexist!
This time, the Dice Adventure takes place in Politia!
Don't forget to participate daily to earn Daily Mission rewards and four chances to roll the dice!


■ Dice Adventure in Politia Event!

1. Schedule: 6/20 (Thu) after the maintenance – 7/10 (Wed) 23:59 UTC

2. Details: To see how to participate in the event, go to [▶ How to open an event page?]


[Step 1. Collect Dice]
Complete the Daily Missions and receive Energy and dice!
Players can obtain up to 4 dice a day, which expire at the end of the day and reset daily.
The mission gauge increases by 1 each time you play through the content listed below.
ㄴ Where to Use Energy Expedition, Automaton Tower, Side Story, Rift, and Abyss

* Consuming Flags to play Arena also counts toward the Daily Mission. (Excluding World Arena, Draft Mode)
* Challenging the Automaton Tower or Abyss again will not count toward your Daily Mission.

[Step 2. Dice Adventure in Politia]
Roll the dice obtained from Daily Missions and navigate the board.

Each space you land on offers specific rewards, and completing a lap also grants a special gift!

[Step 3. Politis's Gifts]
Receive bonus rewards for the total number of dice you rolled during the event period!

※ Each reward is obtainable only once.


 Please Note

- Daily Missions will begin counting from the start of the event.

- Daily Missions reset daily at the reset time of your server.


Reset Time


18:00 UTC


03:00 UTC


10:00 UTC

- Devices with an OS lower than AOS 6.0 may experience difficulty running the game smoothly. We recommend playing on a device with OS 6.0 or higher.

Thank you.

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