E7WC 2024 Official PV - Frozen Eclipse TEASER!
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[E7WC] E7WC 2024 Official PV - Frozen Eclipse TEASER!

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


Beyond the voyage towards victory that began with E7WC 2023, the leap towards glory in 2024 is about to commence!

Heirs, are you all ready to enjoy the Epic Seven World Arena Championship 2024?


We call upon Heirs to ignite their passions and step onto the stage of the dragons that will come to life at the break of dawn.


From the in-game preliminaries starting on 6/8 (Sat), to the finals on 8/31 (Sat),

we support your glorious ascent that cannot stop until the last Heir remains standing!


Moreover, in celebration of the Global Festival taking place today with Heirs worldwide,
a teaser for the official PV featuring New Moon Luna has been unveiled!


We look forward to your anticipation and interest in the E7WC 2024 Official PV Frozen Eclipse, featuring Airi Kanna, the Underwater Palace Princess!

* The PV and full version of the song will be introduced during the first official livestream of E7WC 2024 on 7/6 (Sat) at 03:00 UTC.


■ E7WC 2024 Official PV - Frozen Eclipse TEASER!

We ask for your continued interest and support for the Heirs embarking on their journey toward glory in E7WC 2024.

p.s. Don't forget to leave comments and likes on the video!


Thank you.

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