FROZEN : ECLIPSE | Revealed on 6/19 (Wed) 10:00 UTC
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GM Board

FROZEN : ECLIPSE | Revealed on 6/19 (Wed) 10:00 UTC [10]

Merurin has some exclusive news straight from Dragon Valley!
This uneasy feeling, like a bitter cold is already sweeping in...?
Could it be that something has happened to the dragons?
 Heirs, watch the reveal with Merurin on 6/19 10:00 UTC!

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Ml luna is coming…and I have no medals…:’(

I got two GM Arky boxes and need the password. Can someone help?

If all this hype is for ML Mort (and evertyhing I see screams to me "Mort") it would be quite a disappointment.

....if this is not ml Luna then I don't know what else to think.... StinGy7 is already.... well stingy....heh.... but also stupid?!?...... it's bad enough to release  a stupid mechanical they gonna release this teaser and we get anything but ml Luna.....heh....Beavis and Butt-Head are better than ml Mort......mheheheheh......uhuhuhuhuhuuh....

As much as I'd like ML Luna and expect her to be released, this seems more like ML Mort to me. There are other reasons but one is the weapon looking more like Mort's.

Year of the dragon yaaay x3

ML Luna stole the spear from ML Mort to wreak havoc amongst the dragons. 

What can potentially go wrong?

It has been 6 years


Its obviously ML Luna guys their finally anouncing her. 

Ml luna is coming…and I have no medals…:’(

Ml luna

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FROZEN : ECLIPSE | Revealed on 6/19 (Wed) 10:00 UTC [10]

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