Guidelines for Reporting the Creation and Paid Sales of E7 IP Merchandise
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General News


General News

[GM] Guidelines for Reporting the Creation and Paid Sales of E7 IP Merchandise [1]

Hello Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


We sincerely thank all Heirs for their contributions in creating diverse content using the Epic Seven IP. To streamline these efforts, such as the creation and sale of Epic Seven IP-based merchandise, we're introducing the Fan-Made Merchandise Creation Guidelines Policy.

We hope that the creation and sale of merchandise using the Epic Seven IP will lead to the development of diverse and engaging content.

Please be informed that the Fan-Made Merchandise Creation Guidelines Policy will be effective from 6/20/2024.


Additionally, please review the following information concerning the necessary labeling logos for merchandise creation and the detailed reporting form for paid sales.


■ Epic Seven Fan-Made Merchandise Labeling Form and Logo

In accordance with the guideline policy, the following statement must be included on the product, package, and PDP of the Fan-Made Merchandise to indicate that it is not an official company product. Additionally, the exclusive logo for Fan-Made Merchandise can be optionally applied as needed.


  • Basic Form: Epic Seven Non-official Goods Made by Fan User
  • Abbreviated Form: E7 FANMADE (Use only when the basic form cannot be included)
  • Fan-Made Merchandise Exclusive Logo: Refer to the attached file in this notice for details.


■ Reporting Procedure for Paid Sales of Epic Seven Fan-Made Merchandise

If you intend to create and sell Epic Seven fan-made merchandise, please copy and send the reporting form and agreement to the collection and use of personal information to the fan-made merchandise email address provided below:

- Email Address:

- Form:  





Creator Info

Creator Name



Email Address



Contact Number



Merchandise Info




Merchandise Item



Expected Selling Price



Expected Quantity



Sales and Distribution Channel



Attach Design or

Mockup of the Merchandise

Can be marked as Undecided

* For personal collection and free distribution of fan-made merchandise, creation and distribution can be done without a separate report.

Smilegate Holdings intends to collect and use personal information as follows. 


  1. (Required) Consent to the Collection and Use of Personal Information 
  2. Collected Items: Name, email, contact number 
  3. Purpose of Collection: Identity verification and personal identification, response to questions and delivery of information
  4. Retention and Usage Period: 1 year from the date of personal information collection

You have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information, but if you refuse, paid sales of fan-made merchandise will not be possible. 

 þ I agree. 


  1. Only individuals aged 14 and above can report the sale of Epic Seven fan-made merchandise. 

þ I am 14 years old or older.


For any further inquiries regarding fan-made merchandise, please reach out to our Customer Service teamor contact us via email at


Thank you.

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