Can I still finish my Forge Your Epic Gear part1?
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General Discussion

Can I still finish my Forge Your Epic Gear part1? [9]

I just started my enhancement process today. It seems will take 20 days to finish the enhancements, I got 17 days left on the counter.

Will I be able to complete this gear in time?

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In all the forge your epic gear events, never ONE time has it worked for me. It always locks up as soon as I’ve enhanced all my stats… This event is trash, please stop doing it. I think this is the 4th one now that has done the exact same thing. It’s obnoxious.

Reddit already answered this for you, whats the point asking here as well.

where on reddit? I didn't know

Bro... not everyone uses or join the e7 reddit, that's why he asked here.

Sadly no. I don't think you can finish the event on time 

you sure? i'm thinking maybe this counter is the time frame allowed to accumulate points? is this possible?

or that you have to finish crafting before the counter ends?

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求勾搭You can only enhance the piece once a day and you need 20 days to do so. You have 17 days left until the event is over. So unless SG forgets to end on the designated day then I don't think you can finish the event. You can try

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SuperPrinny@STOVE95991635 just updating my own question, as I suspected the initial timer is for accumulating points for the event. After the timer ends, you have another 7 days to use all your points (including crafting the gear). 

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