Please Change the Coinshop System (ML) It doesn't fulfill its purpose!
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Please Change the Coinshop System (ML) It doesn't fulfill its purpose! [1]

It really is time to rethink the whole system.

This system only exists to help people who are unlucky and always get the same heroes to be able to get other heroes - which I think is good.

The number of equally drawn heroes with 40 points is also relatively okay. I'm a bit more critical of ML because at a certain point in the game the ML heroes are the highlight.

It's extremely painful if you often get a hero in ML draws that you already have, because such a draw is always the most exciting and also the most disappointing.

But the thing that bothers me the most about the system is the slow rotation (once a month) and that there are only ever 3 heroes to choose from.

There should be a 4th selection that you can choose yourself, it's just so bad now that I haven't been able to spend my ML Coins for months (HALF A YEAR) (140 pieces - all the last draws were always the same or heroes I already had, it's not funny it's totally sad). I can't even use my COINS which is what the system was meant for because exactly the heroes I get or have gotten 100000x are exactly in this rotation.

PLEASE CHANGE THIS SYSTEM so that it really fulfills the MEANING it was supposed to! Namely, as an exchange of UNLUCKY in the draws, to be able to choose a hero that you would actually like to have.

It just frustrates me everything about ML and this system.

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What mls are you missing since you have so many coins?

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Please Change the Coinshop System (ML) It doesn't fulfill its purpose! [1]

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