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Memory Imprint Event / Issues [17]

I’ve stayed on the sidelines, understanding it’s a business and the devs are “doing their best” but what is going on with the imprint event? This isn’t fun - it’s not balanced.

You folks made big show apologizing and saying that the imprint centered event was misguided… and yet in the same event that you apologized for, you put it back in. I have these units back when the banners let you select whom you wanted to focus on, but this is just awful. You essentially require specific units for completion, have crazy mechanics like transforming units into low grade monsters with limited abilities and tie in overall performance to the amount of imprints on one specific unit.
Smilegate, this is terrible for players.
Genuinely, as someone that has played since day 1, this has been me of the worst events to date - which is sad because I and many others love this game. And for what? I’ve spent money on this game before - for cool units, resources to upgrade, etc.

I get it, you want money. But forcing high level of whaling is shameful. You’re killing your player base focusing on making every unit PvP (like for real, what was with the last RGB “healer that doesn’t heal and has to have a support monster to do damage in her own showcase event) and creating solutions to problems that didn’t exist (UI changes, every PvP centric unit, ignoring forum posts and feedback, ghosting promises like the SC calendar and content calendar). The new pet sale is a joke too. It’s a hamster with hair scribbled on it - shame on you. Old SG would toss that in for the finite event - not try to charge $5 for it. 

I really hope you folks fix some of this and go back to your roots… because I don’t see this working long term for the life of the company. Sure, you may get a couple of sycophantic players that cheer you on… but they’ll leave too when they stop having people to play against and with and a lot of these decisions are driving people away.

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Tell them.

I was on hiatus and started playing in the last week of the event last year, I remember a lot of people complaining about this last year, but I think it was nerfed or something?

But after the basement challenge 1 my straze does what? 12k damage? *** this, I think Ill just ignore the event, 3 or 4 gold stones + some useless 85lv reset stone doesnt worth this bullsh!t.

>But after the basement challenge 1 my straze does what? 12k damage?

If you would read you would actually know that boss have buff that decreases all aoe dmg by 50% ... reading is not hard.

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d34thscyth34Im not talking about reading or not, Im talking about that my straze can one shot all hunts but dragons, (the dragon usually is dead before he gets his second turn as long  15%rng doesnt mess it) and even with that, this mechanics are so stupid that more than 100k dmg in one hunt gets reduced down to 12k. I spent a lot of resources making a one-shot team (of sorts) just to be screwed by unfair mechanics in a side history, didnt thought I would need to explain this.

But we can agree that reading its not that hard, but being as imbecile as you are, must be. I could somewhat respect that if you didnt abuse of that.

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FilbulwinterSeems like you need to ask for refund on your Straze since mine is working fine when buff is gone 

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d34thscyth34If only you could use your last braincell to understand Im not talking about that boss, but guess its asking too much for you, right?

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Filbulwinter> But after the basement challenge 1 my straze does what? 12k damage?

Basement challenge 1 is that boss ... Suspicious hot spring challenge is Lethe boss

Firstly, I DISAGREE with the imprint system as it's being used in this event. With that out the way, here is my take...

I have a SSS Luluca and I only pulled ONE of year, the first time they ran the event. I had Blue Lulucas and 1 TopModel in my waiting room, which I know isn't the case for most people.

Only reason I bring it up is, AT LEAST there are other ways to imprint Luluca ... Lethe is a whole other case of BS.

At least give "imprint currency" in the event or someting (Like Overloard Collab)  if you want to run events like this.

Personally, I say just drop it completely

Same here - I got the limited lulu SSS by way of the other RGB units I had in waiting. That’s not the case for everyone. I’ve spent some good money on the game - I know a person can def P2W and that’s always been the case. My Zio is a testament. Pity from 200… and I had no currency but dangit I wanted him haha. Def my most expensive unit. But there was always something so sincere and wonderful about how the game encouraged and nurtured the F2P crowd. P2W will always trump, but you know - they’d help the little guys out. But this event is just terrible. The second stage is just about unmanageable if you dont have Lethe - and almost as much without imprints. It feels very greedy and very manipulative of the devs imo. I’m not complaining g just to complain, like I said it’s a business - so I get it. Just feels like even in that sense they aren’t running it well these days sadly.

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I know forums are full of people who have differing opinions, so I’m prepared. But I hope at least one dev gives it a read and considers what I’m saying. It’s not from a place of malice - I love the game. I just disagree with putting a thumb on the F2P crowd - and it’s not even particularly fun of an event imo. It just seems greedy and self serving, something they didn’t seem to do before.

Unfortunately, this is apparently the path the game is taking, with the devs even failing to fulfill what they themselves promised and ignoring the feedback given (specially due to the issue with the white knights in the forum who are not the majority).

Probably in the next week of the event rerun, they will launch a new unit to continue the side story and will tie the boss mechanics into the imprint system so that it is possible to clear again only that boss in a FARM event, and unfortunately the imprints are individual in the shared event with 2 protagonists

Second year that I can't get the Luluca stamp, at least the second boss (octopus), even with mid-high tier gear without Lethe, you can pass, just avoid bringing a mage (did it last year without Lethe at time), but in the 1º boss, my max was firist challenge without Luluca and even with 15~20k bruisers and Roanna 25k, there's no way in the last challenge  (not even mitigation works) with a limit of 15 turns and a lot of RNG.

I hear you. I’m an old player so I got some units and gear to toss at it, I was able to push through it, but I def exceed the 15 turns and it’s tough and very unbalanced. I miss the old map style events and content they used to write. Best event to date, imo, is still the guilty gear event. That was so well done. Great rewards and just seemed silly and fun. This new content is all about edge lords… in swim suits XD. I know their art style has always been on the adult side but it’s gone from fan service to borderline risqué… without a solid plot even. I dunno, I’m probably wrong - maybe I’m just nostalgic and averse to change, but I feel the soul of the game leaving. Maybe this year is their swan song and they sunset it. I really hope not.

The term "whiteknight" has been used in this forums by crybabies to complain about stupid things. Most of the time. 

Buuut aside of that part I do agree, I wish to know who knows that little of the product they are trying to sell to come up with this stupid decision. 

I mean, there are good ideas, bad ideas and stupid ass ideas. But taking the decision to implement a stupid ass idea is completely different, all of us had a stupid idea at least once in a lifetime, but we have this thing... how to call it?... yeah, common sense, we have the common sense to realize its a stupid ass idea and we dont made this stupid ass idea into a reality, this was not the case, Im curious to know who lacks enough common sense to implement this stupid ass idea.

To the ones that complained about SG discarding that imprint whale system.  Here is a little taste of how awfull that **** was going to be. Im still waiting for them to buff Krau to get scort lol

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