Game will death ! Continue like that !
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General Discussion


General Discussion

Game will death ! Continue like that ! [4]

WP destroy game with those 4 last change:

Jenua / ml Phlan / ml Senya / ml Haste 

WP ! GJ smilegate

True dmg free ! just s3 , any condition , wpwp ! before needed attack > or defend > or hp > , now just need s3, or s1 to give free s3 with greater attack  ! xd xd xd xd 

Senya same ironic thing

and Ml Haste combo with Senya ? free true dmg , again and again .... 18k dmg as support MOUHAHAHAHA

wp of you !

Does i need speak about Phlan ? same error than ml Lilias ... with better effect on hero affected ....

gj ! really

Only first turn +  stun can do something against that ... Joke game

Post 4
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I mean, senya and BMH can be countered by injury... I have in mind a certain dark injury bruiser that was meta a while ago... oh well, if you took that into mind (because Im sure you took your time to think for a couple minutes before writing this shit, right?) probably you are right.

who the hell is ml phlan lol

what you said is true. the 3rd ban protection forces you to fight any of these 2 combos. karina / ml haste / ml senya + solo carry like ml landy or ayufine or laia. me personally hate 3rd ban protection. game is severely unbalanced due to power creep. they over buffed units and newly released units have 3 units kits merged into them


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