Unplayable ass p2w midsummer event
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General Discussion

Unplayable ass p2w midsummer event [6]


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Tell me that you dont know how to manage resources without telling me you dont know how to manage resources. 

Yea I'm busy managing yo mom every night 

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KatCcQuoting your own words - "cringe" - get good and go cry in the corner you are so bad in mobile game.

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d34thscyth34No one crying greedy corpos bootlicker ass. Keep on slobbering my meat I'm enjoying it and don't forget to wipe your mouth after you're done 

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KatCcNot my problem you are so bad at mobile game. Keep crying about event that is here SECOND time so you couldn't have enough bm to pull yourself good unit that actually helps with it. But yes, blame SG for your own stupidity. 

Direct, with no more than 10 words complaining, truth spoken and not asking for a luna buff.

Best post in months.

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