wow this spear tease is really interesting, it seem like ML Mort.
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General Discussion

wow this spear tease is really interesting, it seem like ML Mort. [5]

You can see , actually Spear has reflection, but the red one look evil while in reflect look normal. This spear is so intentional to be normal background and spear doesn't related with Biseria or Cermia at all.

also it's not ML Luna for sure, She doesn't have anything about two sided theme, this look like psycho curse.

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u already make thread about this but u know that and dont care. ur obsession with luna is pathetic. u will never touch a girl and nobody likes u because ur like this. u r alone irl we all can see. go touch grass plz save urself.

he remade it coz a dumb stalker keeps reporting all comments and posts with his alts coz he doesnt like others opinion. keep getting triggered lmao. you should take your own advice

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Rankyakuwat r u talking about its right here nothing reported.

thread died bcuz he is alone and nobody cares or likes him. so he try again bcuz he so lonely and have nothing to do in life except meme post about luna every day of his life.

r u this same guy posting to talk with urself now lol why defend this incel with lies

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STOVE170911567045911Thank you  STOVE17091156704591 for CARING my thread.

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CocoIronSomeone treating you like the dumb **** you are doesnt made that someone "care" about your thread.

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wow this spear tease is really interesting, it seem like ML Mort. [5]

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