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General Discussion

Hot Spring Event [2]

If you are really going to insist on this imprint system in an event that was supposed to be a farm one, since there are no free characters here, at least make the imprint buffs from Luluca and Lethe work on both bosses, and not just in one of them, is the minimum, since the mechanics were not revised (imprints that shouldn't even exist or at most to give more farm items, and not necessary to clear)

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Yeah, this even sucks. Whoever thought about this shouldve fired.

Someone doesn't remember this content was nerfed last year to the point where you didn't need imprints or the heroes to clear.

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Imaginary Number Hwayoung [ Hero Concept 72 ]

2024.06.02 01:30
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wow this spear tease is really interesting, it seem like ML Mort. [5]

2024.06.01 22:40
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Hot Spring Event [2]

2024.05.31 14:32
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10% bullsh [2]

2024.05.30 06:47
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H.Yufine, Luna and Sol - BUFF [1]

2024.05.29 15:31