Epic Seven x WCG 2024 Rivals Draft Mode Official Livestream Event
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[WCG] Epic Seven x WCG 2024 Rivals Draft Mode Official Livestream Event [6]

Hello, Heirs.
This is GM Dominiel.

The esports festival for gamers worldwide, World Cyber Games (WCG)!

Epic Seven joins the international competition Rivals with Draft Mode, featuring global influencers!

Tune in for this event and many others on 6/1 (Sat) at 03:00 UTC!




Livestream Info

6/1 (Sat)

03:00 UTC

WCG Rivals Official Livestream

Epic Seven Official YouTube Channel

Epic Seven Official twitch Channel

6/1 (Sat)

03:00 UTC

Watch WCG Rivals With P.Pool Link

P.Pool Support Chat Room (Global)


■ Livestream Locked Chest Event 

Heirs watching the livestream will receive Locked Chests in their mailboxes!


1. Schedule

   - 6/1 (Sat) 03:00 – 6/8 (Sat) 14:59 UTC

2. Eligibility: All Heirs

3. Locked Chest Contents


Locked Chest Reward


Leif x3 /  Gold x500,000

Coupon Validity

The password will be revealed during the livestream on 6/1 (Sat) 


■ Livestream Coupon Event 

The Coupon code will be disclosed to the Heirs watching the livestream!


1. Schedule

   - Coupon code revealed during 6/1 (Sat) livestream at 03:00 UTC

2. Eligibility: All Heirs

3. Event Coupon Content


Coupon Reward

Coupon Item

Leif x5

Greater Equipment Charm x5

Greater Accessory Charm x5

Coupon Redemption

The coupon can be redeemed between 6/1 (Sat) (during the livestream) – 6/8 (Sat) 14:59 UTC


* How to Register a Coupon Code?

- For instructions on how to use the coupon, please refer to the FAQ [How to Register Coupon Code?].

- Regardless of the server, event coupons can be used only once per account.


■ Watch WCG Rivals With P.Pool

[Event Period]
During the WCG Rivals livestream on 6/1 (Sat) 03:00 UTC

[How to Participate]
 Watch the livestream on P.Pool and become the lucky winner!

Up to 2,000 Heirs can watch on P.Pool, so don't miss this opportunity to win the event!


▶ P.Pool Global Team Support Chat Room Link

 * The P.Pool mobile version app is only available for use in Korea.
 If you are outside of Korea, please use a PC to participate! Availability for overseas services will be announced in future notices.

[Event Rewards]

From those watching WCG Rivals on P.Pool, 15 lucky Heirs will win a 5 Leif, 500,000 Gold, and a Google Gift Card!
Please note that you will only be able to see the influencers' private monitor screens on P.Pool.The official livestream won't have this view! 

Coupon (15 Winners)

Leif x5

Gold x500,000


Lucky Gift (15 Winners)

$15 Google Gift Card

Moreover, there are also events like “Watch WCG Rivals With P.Pool” and ”Photo Time With Arky!” 
Do not hesitate to dive into various events
 prepared for the Heirs!
[Watch WCG Rivals With P.Pool] (Learn More)

Thank you. 

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The password for both "boxes" is:

The coupon is:


The password for both "boxes" is:

The coupon is:


Anyone know the passwords? 

thx for the leafs

wuthering waves better


The 8 leifs are nice. Thanks SG!

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