[GLOBAL] Mutiny Looking to Fill Last Spot!
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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

[GLOBAL] Mutiny Looking to Fill Last Spot!

- Guild Name: Mutiny

- Guild Level: 20

- Server: Global

- Current # of Members: 29/30

We are a group of degens who mutined against our tyrannical guild leader and are looking to rebuild. Semi-Competitive, Champion arena players with fun and active community both in-game and on Discord. We welcome all new members being active players looking or a new guild or refugees like us.

Requirements to join

- Champion+ Arena Rank

- Active in Guild War (results don't matter, just pls do your attacks)

- Active in Ancient Inheritance

- Donate Gold and Aid

- 1 Week inactive limit or let us know beforehand if you need to be inactive for a week or more (going inactive soon after joining will result in an immediate kick unless you let us know beforehand)

Benefits of Joining

- 24/7 Guild Buffs - Weekly Chests

-Team/Unit builds

-GW Strategies

- Competitive Guild Wars with a supportive group

- Consistent 5x Guild War Rewards

- Friendly RTA lobbies with the guild for fun or to test/practice drafts or newly built units

- Friendly and very active Discord, but not required to join or participate in

Message minigul (Minigul DeCicco) on discord or apply in-game, but please show arena rank if applying in-game .

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작성 시간 05.28.2024

[Global] Lv. 2 / BettyArmy

2024.05.28 04:32
작성 시간 05.28.2024

[Global] Lv. 14 / TowerGrym / #Newbie_Friendly / #Casual

2024.05.28 02:25
작성 시간 05.28.2024

[GLOBAL] Mutiny Looking to Fill Last Spot!

2024.05.28 02:22
작성 시간 05.28.2024

[Global] Lv. 1 / harlakin / #Newbie_Friendly

2024.05.28 01:26
작성 시간 05.27.2024

[Global] Lv. 2 / Sloppy2nds / #Casual

2024.05.27 21:50