Nahkwol vs Blink
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General Discussion

Nahkwol vs Blink [3]

Hello All Epicers,

I was just curious if anyone could shed some light on why Nahkwol will not cooldown Celines' passive skill "Blink"

I have ran several tests, and even soulburned her skill, but Blink will still be there and ready to go. 

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Celine never bothers me even with the new update to her, blink can be annoying but knowing she has it makes team building around it easy, I run teams with passives that trigger it but avoid using them until buffs and maybe a revive are set so I don’t need to worry about when she attacks. Hero’s such as Mercedes and Abigale are great counters to her, Abigale’s s2 curse is really good for dealing with a lot of hero’s tbh

For those who say how can you buff without triggering her blink, Ras and Mercedes are hero’s with buffs after using active skills giving buffs without triggering blink, ras increases defense and Mercedes increases attack, I mentioned them over many other hero’s with active buffs because they are F2P and everyone should have them 

Nahkwol s3 will only affect skill cooldowns not passives. If you want to stop Celine from using Blink you need to land the Seal debuff on her.

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Nahkwol vs Blink [3]

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