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General Discussion


General Discussion

[ Hero Concept 71 ] [2]

This is the 71st original hero concept.

Here is the Demigod series and a new keyword!

Enjoy :)

New Keyword: Apotheosis
ApotheosisAFTER casting this skill, activate special effect for the rest of the battle. The only way to end this effect is killing the caster!

Demigod: Restrained Force

[ Skill 1 ]

Attack an enemy.

Initiate(2): Stun the target for 1 turn.


//Initiate(X): Can only trigger X times in a battle




[ Skill 2 ] CD: 3 Turns

Grant a 1 hp Barrier to ALL heroes for 3 turns. Grant a hero an Extra Turn.

This Barrier will NOT be replaced by newer Barriers!




[ Skill 3 ] CD: 3 Turns

Attack an enemy, dealing up to 13000 fixed damage.

Cannot reduce the target below 7000 hp.

Apotheosis: Increase Attack of ALL OTHER allies by 300.


This hero has 3 strong skills, each with its own restraint.

Skill 3 could instantly deal up to 13000 damage with no aggro stats required - when the enemy has more than 20000 hp.

This skill's effect decreases on lower hp heroes. When used on an 8000 hp hero, this skill only deals 1000 damage.

Skill 1 has 100% chance Stun but only works 2 times. After that Skill 1 will have no special effect at all.

Skill 2 prevents enemy Barrier, grants an ally an instant turn, and synergizes with Arunka. Plus immune to Politis and A.Yufine's passive.

Most of the time, it only works as A.Lots Skill 2 with no attack buff.

Comments are welcomed.

Post 2
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Hahahaha what a joke. As expected of an autistic child.

Stop putting random **** and call it a hero concept!

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