Can we get some nerfs for Episode 4 10-10?
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Can we get some nerfs for Episode 4 10-10? [6]


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I think mechanically it's ok, but it could use a bit of a toning down statswise.

Like, fights like say E3 3-10 and E4 9-9 are tough customers, but go down reasonably smooth once you know who to pick. Something like the must always crit mech in several boss fights? That's usually fair too.

But this one feels just a tad too much for a story fight (Personally I'm just hoping Mort and Emilia are enough to make a difference once I finish enhancing them, TBH, and I really feel bad for anyone who didn't get Emilia BITD).

It shouldn't be harder than the likes of Caides 13 or Abyss 90, at the least, that's for sure.

And I suspect the resultant lack of engagement in E5 might be why that episode is so abridged compared to the first four (only 8 stages per chapter, no side stages) so yeah it's clearly already having an ill impact on the game ...

its too hard


Wait until EP6 started.

Heh. That'll probably be the ticket honestly.

As I noted in my other comment, E5 looks obviously cut-back compared to the first four story episodes (before now, every chapter has had 16 total stages almost always including at least one side story, meanwhile not only has E5 done away with the side stories but only 8 stages each chapter going off the patch notes?).

They also conspicuously ended up having to remove the E5 progression unlock requirement for Rift a ways into the season, which just leaves Veronica connection and some side stories locked behind it now.

Only reason I can think for this is not enough players are actually playing the fifth episode, quite likely because of many being stuck on E4 10-10.

It's kinda like FFXIV when they had that Steps of Faith instance, imagine how fewer people would've even bought the expansions if they'd kept the original difficulty? No point if you can't get to the content right? LOL

No - get better at game

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