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Several UX suggestions [1]


Just want to propose several minor improvements that would be useful for players.

1. Make default hero sort in "Waiting room" by name.

I have a feeling many players use waiting room for something that is rarely used, e.g. imprint heroes. It would be more relevant to sort them by name to reduce unnecessary action of changing sort order.

2. Show quotes for Arena NPCs only once per account.

Arena is an option to farm conquest points. It's kind of annoying to get interrupted every time by NPC quotes.

3. Show small icon if there are covenant or mystic bookmarks or 85 level epic gear near Garo speech bubble (when automatic refresh happens).

When you enter lobby it would be super convenient to see right away if new refresh has something interesting like bookmarks or epic gear without the need to click enter Garo's shop. Icons can represent smaller versions of bookmarks and epic armor (not necessarily dedicated icon for each gear type).

4. Sanctuary - Forest of souls. Shorten penguin purchase popup animation after pressing "Do not display".

Sometimes you need to make multiple purchases. It would be super nice if popup with sparks will be simplified and could be discarded faster. Currently you need to wait for sparks VFX to finish before you can close popup.

5. Vagrant merchant shop in labyrinth - Do not show popup and animation for 1 and 2 star artifacts when purchasing them.

Currently these artifacts are just "fodder" material for enhancements. They do not have such positive emotional impact as when getting real artifacts. Showing this popup just feels unpleasant.

6. Give direct access to Huche labyrinth shop without the need to enter the labyrinth.

Currently to check and buy stuff from vagrant merchant you need to enter labyrinth. It would be super convenient to have it duplicated outside of labyrinth. E.g. when you enter Labyrinth in battle to the right of "Labyrinth shop" button. Something like "Vagrant Merchant" button.

Thank you for great job with this pretty cool game!
Recent changes with phantasmas to blooms and new endgame content is pretty cool! :)

Good job!

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Ow. And one other suggestion. It's kind of relevant but not totally.

Since roster of heroes grows and players at some point have a lot of fully awakened heroes they forgot about it would be useful to have something like "Find heroes by ability".
E.g. a page with list of abilities (defense brake, heal, shield, etc.) by clicking on which player will see a list of heroes associated with this ability. List of abilities can be split into debuffs and buffs. Player can see all heroes including he doesn't own. The ones he doesn't own are dimmed out (similar to journal).

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