5/9(Thu) Known Issues (Added on 5/10 01:58 UTC)
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General News

[Issues] 5/9(Thu) Known Issues (Added on 5/10 01:58 UTC) [13]

Hello, Heirs.
This is GM Dominiel.

The following issue has been discovered on 5/9(Thu).

1. An issue where players who linked their Epic Seven accounts to Facebook are unable to log into the game on iOS devices.  
→ We are currently looking into this issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.
→ Please follow the steps below to temporarily resolve this issue.
For players experiencing this issue, tap 'Allow Apps to Request to Track' or try to log into the game again after going to Apps > Settings > Privacy and Security > Allow Tracking  

2. An issue where certain Heirs using an emulator to play Epic Seven are unable to access the game
→ Here's a temporary solution for the issue:
Please try accessing the game using an emulator with a minimum OS version of OS 9 or use a 64-bit emulator.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused.
We will continue to inform our Heirs regarding these issues via this notice.

Thank you.

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Having to download an emulator to fix an issue is not right 

The work around does not work :(

I’m still not able to sign into my Facebook account.  It is not supporting me to turn on app tracking this is beyond frustrating 

> Please try accessing the game using an emulator with a minimum OS version of OS 9 or use a 64-bit emulator.

Yes, at least Android 9 or a 64-bit emulator **with** at least Android 9. For those of us who use BlueStacks, it means we need a Pie 64-bit instance. That may require an update of the emulator. (Personally, I lost 1 week of resources because of that. Sad.)

Te bota del juego cada 2 minutos, imposible hacer guild wars, Ancient Inheritance o cualquier cosa, porque hasta te saca en batallas. Minimo Aumenten el tiempo del Ancient Inheritance una semana más

Favor de arreglar el problema de pérdida de conexión con el servidor, es imposible jugar en condiciones así. Gracias. Creo demás está decir que si no lo hacen perderán jugadores.

Fix this ASAP pls😤

Loss connection to server during attack on GW.this happening for the last two weeks.iOS 

No funciona con cuentas vinculadas a Gmail, no funciona en Android. La solución tampoco funciona. Esto es muy molesto. Estoy muy feliz de perderme los eventos y la progresión de hoy 🙂. No

También sé por qué muestra una pantalla en un idioma que no hablo.


e7 doesnt run on bluestacks now. please fix

Dang it. I thought that was bluestack or my pc problem. I have already reinstall the game. Even tryingother emulators. Turns out it was app problem.

mee too

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