Aerial Predator Kanna [ Hero Concept 70 ]
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General Discussion


General Discussion

Aerial Predator Kanna [ Hero Concept 70 ]

We are already at the 70th original hero concept!

Thank you for being with this series all along. This time we have another guest!

Enjoy :)

Aerial Predator Kanna

Artwork (Drawn by me):

[ S1 - Redemption ]

Attack an enemy, increase Combat Readiness of both the caster and the target, each by 50%.




[ S2 - Aerial Predator ] CD: Passive

When the caster overtakes an enemy hero in the Combat Readiness meter, increase damage dealt of her next attack skill by 1000, while decreasing damage received from enemy's next skill that damages her by 1000. Max 6 stacks each.




[ S3 - Revelation ] CD: 4 Turns

Impose the last judgement upon the opponent.

Attack all enemies, ignoring enemy heroes' buffs. Penetrate Defense proportional to the caster and the target's Speed difference percentage (Positive or Negative), up to 75%.


Aerial Predator Kanna is all about speed. Her Skill 3 scales off positive or negative speed difference, making her build flexible. Build high speed to counter low speed, or build low speed to counter high speed.

High speed makes her Skill 1 cycle faster. Low speed makes Skill 1 CR push more valuable. Either Skill 1 helps with stacking Skill 2 because of 50% CR push. Careful with the target choice, since she also CR push the enemy!

By overtaking enemy heroes, she reduces damage done to her by a fixed amount once, working like a weakened Skill Nullifier.

Comments are welcomed.

For character story, see This Post.

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Aerial Predator Kanna [ Hero Concept 70 ]

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