NPC arena challenges instant complete
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NPC arena challenges instant complete [2]


Please consider allowing players to auto complete NPC arena stages once they successfully tackled them.

I think if you would use the quick battle function or something similar for this mode, that would suffice for a time.

I think overall that mode needs a rework as it poses no challenges, no content, nothing whatsoever, beside making us go through mind numbingly easy battles every day. It would be a huge help if you could at least alleviate the pain of going through them, by allowing us to autocomplete them by just clicking a button.

I beg you, make it stop and implement an auto complete function for those stages!

Thank you

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....I wonder why this is so hard for the stingy devs in StinGy7 can't do this....heh.....

You auto them, if autoing game is painful for you then you should consider taking a break ... seriously.

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NPC arena challenges instant complete [2]

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